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BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 5

At ODEA we live and breathe BOLD. But what does BOLD really mean? We’ve each picked out an example of marketing out in the world that we find to be BOLD. As you’ll see, BOLD can take on many forms.

What does BOLD mean to you?

JJ’s pick…

Fortnite’s NFL Skins

Why is it BOLD?

“As viewership of TV has decreased, where are those viewers spending their time? Video games. If you know any children who play video games (or adults who are still a child at heart) they have probably mentioned Fortnite, one of the fastest growing video games in the world.

In the game, players can purchase different cosmetic items called skins. After seeing the immense popularity of the game, the NFL teamed up with Fortnite to offer NFL team jerseys as skins. Fortnite players could show support for their favorite NFL teams while playing the game and in turn the NFL was able to get their product in front of millions of people. Fortnite had an estimated 78.3 million monthly players in September 2018 so it was definitely a smart way for the NFL to get exposure.

So, what’s next for Fortnite? Will you be able to purchase a shirt with Google, Apple, or Amazon’s logo on it? Or will it be a jersey with Michael Jordan’s number on it? Video game companies are quickly and BOLDLY gaining the upper hand on brands and brands are taking notice.”

Chelsi’s pick…

Wells Fargo “Re-Established” Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

“Just a few years ago the Wells Fargo scandal was splashed on the front of newspapers everywhere. When the news first broke, I remember thinking to myself that their business reputation would never recover from a scandal that big. Just a few months ago, a Wells Fargo commercial titled “Trust” played on my TV. The commercial begins with “We know the value of trust” and reflects on how Wells Fargo built that trust with their customers over the years but then they lost it. The commercial goes on to explain, “That isn’t where the story ends. It’s where it starts again with a complete re-commitment to you.”

I think this campaign is BOLD because the message is clear: Wells Fargo acknowledges they made a huge mistake. But they have accepted responsibility and are doing all that they can to make it right. They also created a microsite further explaining that earning back their customers trust is their biggest priority. ”

Megan’s pick…

Art Institute of Chicago’s John Singer Sargent Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

“Earlier this year, the Art Institute blasted ads all over the city for their John Singer Sargent exhibit. I loved their BOLD spin on this campaign which added some modernity to paintings from the late 1800s. Overlaying the Sargent artworks were phrases that catered to a younger audience like “Vintage Bad Boy”, “#Diva” and “Gold is the New Black”. Their willingness to be BOLD and merge two opposite eras and attitudes was clever and amusing!”

Sue’s pick…

Palessi by Payless

Why is it BOLD?

“Recently Payless spent the time, energy and money to create a fake shoe designer, Bruno Palessi, along with a fake store grand opening in a former Armani store. The grand opening included social media influencers, a mini-runway lined with stiletto heels and champagne. The store contained a variety of shoes that were placed neatly on glass shelves. The customers paid up to $600 for “Palessi” shoes that were actually Payless shoes that cost only a fraction of that cost. After the customers were told that the shoes they thought were designer shoes were actually Payless shoes, they were given the shoes for free and the opportunity to appear in the Payless commercial. The company even created a Palessi website that leads to the Payless website. What a BOLD marketing move! I can’t think of a better way to get consumers to think of your bargain brand in a whole new way!”

Emil’s pick…

Burger King’s “The Whopper Detour”

Why is it BOLD?

“For about a week, the Burger King app allowed users to order a Whopper for a penny…IF that user was within 600 feet of a McDonald’s location. Brilliant! This is BOLD because it’s funny and in-your-face. While it is blatantly playing dirty, it is still playful. I can only imagine the Burger King folks laughing at a meeting, ‘Think of all the bottlenecking this is going to create in McDonald’s parking lots. Ahahahahaha!’”

Stephanie’s pick…

‘Everything for Everyone’ Brandless Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

“Brandless is BOLD by flipping the script on branding. They call out that you don’t actually need to have a fancy brand name behind a product, you just need it to be good! But even their lack of brand is still a brand, making it super meta.”


Cailyn’s pick…

‘Share Your Gifts’ Apple Holiday Commercial

Why is it BOLD?

“This year Apple’s annual holiday ad is an animated piece telling the story of a girl who is too afraid to share her ideas and creativity with the world, but overcomes these fears when her work gets unintentionally shared with strangers. Apple is BOLD in deciding to use full animation for the first time. This Pixar-inspired animation adds warmth and an emotional connection to their brand, in contrast to their usual sleek, product-focused ads.”


Amelia’s pick…

‘The Possibilities are Beautiful’ Ulta Beauty Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

“Recently, Ulta Beauty did a makeover and changed up their marketing with their “Possibilities Are Beautiful” campaign. This was a BOLD advertising campaign featuring women, and one man, of all ages and nationalities to the song “Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara. The song is about empowering women to embrace their inner beauty and strength. The commercial has received some blowback from commenters on the perceived conflicting messages of “you’re beautiful just the way you are” and “buy makeup.” For me, the real message is that makeup is about self-expression and enhancing your natural beauty. As their slogan says, “At Ulta Beauty, we know you’re not here to get beautiful; you’re here because you already are.”


Patty’s pick…

Nike’s Jordan Release via AR

Why is it BOLD?

“As we’d all expect, Nike has been dominant with their marketing in 2018. From having a strong point of view in their Serena Williams and Colin Kaepernick ads to being at the forefront of augmented reality (AR), Nike has been one of my BOLD inspirations throughout the year. AR changing how we shop is just in its infancy and being able to see the newest Air Jordan on my desk — in downtown Chicago to add to the irony — is right now simply “cool”. When it becomes the first step in purchasing, then it becomes true BOLD marketing.”


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