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BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 4

At ODEA we live and breathe BOLD. But what does bold really mean? We’ve each picked out an example of marketing out in the world that we find bold. As you’ll see, bold can take on many forms.

What does bold mean to you?

JJ’s pick…

ESPN’s AirDrop Ads

photo of ESPN AirDrop Bold Marketing | ODEA Marketing Chicago

Why is it BOLD?

“How many TV shows are on your DVR? Did you miss the big comeback the Cubs had last night? As we become busier, we find less time to relax with friends and watch the big game. ESPN and R/GA came up with a BOLD use of marketing using technology that Apple users rarely use, AirDrop.

AirDrop allows users to share files to other devices, and Apple users rarely turn off their AirDrop feature. When Game 2 of the NBA Finals started, ESPN wanted to make sure everyone knew, so they used AirDrop to send an image to Apple users that made fun of them for not watching the NBA Finals.

This is bold because they used technology in a way I have not seen before. (And picking on Apple users is pretty funny – sorry Apple users!)”


Chelsi’s pick…

Axe “Is It Ok For Guys” Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

“The Axe #isitokforguys campaign sheds light on the pressures placed on men to “be a man” by revealing actual Google searches like “is it ok for guys to be nervous? and “is it ok for guys to be skinny?” AXE strips away the stereotype of what a real man should be and empowers guys to be “whoever they damn well want.” I think this campaign is BOLD because we’ve reached a time when we are seeing more encouragement for women to love themselves and be whoever they want to be and it’s time we give men that same love and support.”


Megan’s pick…

DePaul University’s “Here, We Do” Ad Campaign

photo of DePaul bold marketing campaign | ODEA Marketing Chicago

Why is it BOLD?

“If you live in Chicago you’ve no doubt seen DePaul’s “Here, We Do” ads on the CTA, riverwalk, and plastered on the sides of buildings. As soon as I saw them, I fell in love. I’ll admit, as a DePaul alum they make me nostalgic. But as a DePaul alum, I can speak to how on-brand they are.

The message is simple, but powerful. It speaks to the real-world knowledge DePaul offers in the vibrant city of Chicago. Sticking to the red and blue tints also creates a BOLD, distinct look. And to accompany the ad campaign that took over the city, they have a microsite (including brief videos) dedicated to further explaining why at DePaul, you do.”


Sue’s pick…

Sherwin Williams’ TV Commercial

Why is it BOLD?

“I think that this Sherwin-Williams commercial is BOLD because it is so unexpected. Who would put together safari animals and paint chips in the same sentence, let alone the same commercial? Paint itself isn’t very exciting, but when you create a safari by using paint chips, the product becomes much more intriguing. Of course, all the color that is used in the commercial makes it bold, too.”


Amelia’s pick…

DELSEY Paris – What Matters is Inside

Why is it BOLD?

“For the launch of its new European brand platform, “What Matters Is Inside,” luggage company Delsey Paris created a short, BOLD film about their new connected suitcase. When was the last time luggage made you cry? I would bet probably never, unless of course, an airline lost it. Yet Delsey, with this short film about a connected suitcase, gave me the feels. This is creative storytelling at its best. It was emotional and it explains the features of the suitcase in a subtle way. I had a lump in my throat, tears forming in my eyes, and moreover, I felt a deep connection to the brand and to their products. I wasn’t alone either, this short received over eight million view on YouTube.”


Cailyn’s pick…

National Geographic Cover

Why is it BOLD?

The June issue of National Geographic draws attention to the global plastic waste crisis with a photo-illustration of a plastic bag partially submerged in water. To me this is BOLD because while it is a simple image, it speaks a very loud and powerful message that this problem is just “the tip of the iceberg.” It is thoughtful and brilliantly creative.”


Patty’s pick…

Big Ass Fans

Why is it BOLD?

“Okay sure, just the name resonates with my potty mouth self. But I adore that the company purposefully changed their name from The HVLS Fan Company (referring to high volume, low speed fans) to Big Ass Fans based on customer input. That’s right, customers were the ones who would always start inquiries with the same, “Are you the guys who make those big ass fans?” So, in response the company changed their name and now have great fun with their marketing while at the same time embracing solid educational content and video. For me, one of the BOLDEST marketing strategies you can embrace is taking a perceived weakness – like a feisty name – and turn it into a strength. Oh – and they have a donkey mascot named Fanny. Note to self: ODEA needs a mascot!”


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