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BOLD Marketing We Admire


You may have noticed that at ODEA we live and breathe BOLD. But what does bold really mean? We’ve each picked out an example of marketing out in the world that we find bold. As you’ll see, bold can take on many forms – from web design, to messaging to technology.

What does bold mean to you?

Patty’s pick…

General Electric Website

GE Bold Marketing

 Why is it BOLD?

“Because it makes life simple for the user. Since GE sells everything from dishwashers to airplane engines to MRI machines, the amount of content on their website could quickly become overwhelming. GE lives the KISS (keep it simple stupid) mantra by encouraging visitors to search for what they are looking for rather than hunt for it. We tend to think of search as a utility – GE brought it front-and-center as a customer experience tool.”

Megan’s pick…

Airbnb “We Accept” Campaign

Airbnb Bold Marketing

Why is it BOLD?

“The BOLDNESS of Airbnb’s ‘We Accept’ campaign lies in its core message. Recognizing that there were occurrences in the world causing people to feel isolated and unwelcome, Airbnb was bold in taking a stand for what they felt was right. And then they broadcasted that message to the world on Superbowl Sunday. Sometimes it’s risky to stand up for what you believe in, but Airbnb did it right with a brief, simple and powerful statement and visual.”

JJ’s pick…

Moment Factory

Moment Factory Bold Marketing

Why is it BOLD?

“Moment Factory takes all different kinds of BOLD visual experiences and knocks them out of the park. From interactive lights and screens at concerts to making the boards of professional NBA courts take shape in front of your eyes, it is all about the experience. They bring entertainment to a whole new level by projecting computer screens onto something unexpected that you could only dream of; making a lasting impression on their audiences.”

Cailyn’s pick…

Carl’s Jr. “Carl Hardee Sr. Returns” CommercialCarls Jr Bold Marketing

Why is it BOLD?

“Carl’s Jr. completely flips the script in their latest commercial that introduces us to Carl Hardee Sr. They take a BOLD approach to a new marketing campaign by publicly acknowledging their old way of marketing a burger is no longer working for the company. Carl’s Jr. executes this message in such a way that is unique and unexpected by poking fun at themselves through the personification of Carl Jr.”

Melissa’s pick…

Always “Like A Girl” Campaign

always bold marketing

Why is it BOLD?

“In a world where the word ‘feminism’ is gaining new meaning, Always helped redefine strength; with a woman’s perspective. And as a result, they made something ‘icky’ an empowering, BOLD symbol.”


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