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BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 3


You may have noticed that at ODEA we live and breathe BOLD. But what does bold really mean? We’ve each picked out an example of marketing out in the world that we find bold. As you’ll see, bold can take on many forms.

What does bold mean to you?

JJ’s pick…

Merrell’s VR Experience

photo of Merrell VR Bold Marketing | ODEA blog

Why is it BOLD?

“When you launch a new product or service, you want your customer to feel excited about it and remember it, right? Merrell did just that. Having a VR studio create a 4D, motion-tracked, multi-sensory experience was the definition of BOLD marketing. They made the consumer not only excited to hike, but actually feel what it’s like. With an experience like that, customers will develop a stronger connection to Merrell’s brand and products.”

Sue’s pick…

Nobly’s Website and Branding

photo of Nobly Bold Marketing | ODEA blog

Why is it BOLD?

“Nobly is an app that features stories about random acts of kindness. I think as an app it embodies BOLD because its objective allows people to share their stories of kindness. With everything going on in the world today, it is bold and powerful to share and encourage the good that is happening out there. Nobly has also proven their boldness on their website which offers a smooth, user-friendly experience that clearly communicates its product and platform and puts its users as the forefront of their brand.”

Patty’s pick…

Milwaukee Brewers “Sandlot” Video

Why is it BOLD?

“Sandlot is one of the best baseball movies of all time. Crazy to think 2018 is the 25th anniversary of the film! Some players from the Milwaukee Brewers recreated one of the movie’s best scenes in a tribute video posted to the team’s website and YouTube, and of course it went viral. Nostalgia is not only BOLD – it is a powerful marketing tactic.”

Megan’s pick…

Lululemon’s Digital Marketing

Why is it BOLD?

“Lululemon is not a brand that I personally follow or purchase. However, upon learning about their recent website and digital marketing changes (which has fostered much success), their brand has been elevated in my mind. I was impressed by the “Community” section on their website which features not just a blog, but in-depth articles and videos on their athlete brand ambassadors and inspiring stories from around the globe. They also have several events a year that help build that community (and therefore brand loyalty) in person. Overall, I found their website beautiful – BOLD images that show off the product and inspire activity, health and style. This branding is carried through seamlessly in their email marketing.”


Cailyn’s pick…

KFC’s ‘FCK’ Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

“In late February KFC, the fast-food chain that famously specializes in chicken, ran out of chicken (!) forcing them to close hundreds of stores across the UK and Ireland. In response to the shortage, KFC issued a public apology by taking out a full-page newspaper ad. They rearranged the letters of their famous logo from “KFC” to “FCK.” To me this is BOLD, in part because of the use of language, and also because it was a brilliantly funny and quick response to an unplanned mishap.”


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