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BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 2


You may have noticed that at ODEA we live and breathe BOLD. But what does bold really mean? We’ve each picked out an example of marketing out in the world that we find bold. As you’ll see, bold can take on many forms.

What does bold mean to you?

JJ’s pick…

Inside Abbey Road with Google

bold marketing example

Why is it BOLD?

“For something to be BOLD, it needs to be big and to stand out from the rest. I can’t think of anything bolder than Abbey Road Studios. It is where many popular songs were recorded from The Beatles to the soundtrack of Star Wars: Episode I. It has a lot of history in its walls. Google and Abbey Road Studios teamed up to give us this amazing interactive 360 experience. I urge you to take a look for yourself!”

Sue’s pick…

Special K’s “Own It” Campaign

bold marketing example

Why is it BOLD?

“Women of all ages are body shamed and expected to diet so they can be slim. Special K’s “Own It” commercial is BOLD because they are telling their female customers to own their bodies and lifestyles. They go against the typical stereotype seen in advertising by saying that women are working hard at doing important things. Special K is accurately depicting women in our society, something that we rarely see.”

Patty’s pick…

Heineken’s “Worlds Apart” Ad

bold marketing example

Why is it BOLD?

“The premise of the ad is simple – have two people who disagree with each other on a particular issue be in a room together. Let them get to know each other and then reveal that they differ on an issue like transgender rights or climate change. Give them the opportunity to leave or talk it out over a beer. At one point the video asks, ‘Is there more that unites us than divides us?’ God, I hope so!”

Megan’s pick…

Beloit College’s Recruitment Video

bold marketing example

Why is it BOLD?

“My little sister is heading to college next year, thus her inbox is stuffed full of college emails. One in particular caught her eye because the subject line stood out from the rest: ‘SQUIRREL!’. Talk about being BOLD, simple and unexpected! The email contained a link to a video tour of Beloit’s campus – from an ‘unconventional’ tour guide. Take a look and see if this college would make your list – it’s now on the top of my sister’s!”

Emily’s pick…

Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

“I think these ads are BOLD because they challenge the viewer to confront their own biases and internal monologues. The ads tell a very human story about how most of us think very differently about ourselves versus how we’re perceived by others. I also like that it’s self-referential in terms of acknowledging that, yes, we’re trying to sell you a beauty product but the premise is that Dove is interested in approaching their target audience with the idea that they’re already beautiful, rather than ‘you need to buy this to be attractive.”

Cailyn’s pick…

Jet Blue’s “Office Souvenirs” Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

“We can all relate to the feeling of spending too much time in the office. In their latest ad campaign, JetBlue pokes fun at the reality that Americans do not take enough vacation. I love the BOLD, unexpected humor brought on by an airline company, complete with an online souvenir shop that sells kitschy gifts to remind us all to take that much needed vacation.”