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Put your best foot forward: Three LinkedIn tips


If there was ever a time to be active on LinkedIn, it’s now! In their latest report, LinkedIn shared that they continue to see “record levels of engagement” – up 31% in the latest quarter. LinkedIn now boasts a staggering 722 million members and we don’t think the growth of the platform is going to READ MORE >>

LinkedIn Up Close: How (and Why) To Support, Not Sell


A FREE fingers-on-the-keyboard session to tidy up your LinkedIn profile and get you connecting in all the right ways. As a biz owner or sales-type, having to socially distance (it’s vital so keep it up!) is hard, both personally and professionally. How do you keep marketing when it feels impossible to get in touch with READ MORE >>

Natural Networking: How to Approach LinkedIn Like a Human


What comes to mind when you think of LinkedIn? Probably business, networking, professional connections, etc. And that image may subconsciously cause you to treat LinkedIn differently than your other social media profiles, but should you? In this episode of Brain Lava, ODEA President Patty Rioux talks about the human side of LinkedIn and why you READ MORE >>