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Content Marketing in the Trenches: Why I’m Posting So Much on LinkedIn

If we are connected on LinkedIn – and if not send me a connection request! – hopefully you’ve noticed I’ve been increasing my activity the last six months or so. I’ve made logging in part of my morning routine to comment, share and like posts from my connections – something our fellow marketer Sima Dahl calls “digital deposits”.

I’m posting about three times a week, typically one original content piece from our team, a “curated” post from another source that I want to add my thoughts to, and a third lighter post such as a photo I’ve snapped during my daily travels or a saying that inspired me. We are also posting weekly on the Team ODEA page. And all of that is about to ramp up even more! Why? Because we believe in practicing what we preach. And recent data is telling us there is no better place for B2B companies to nurture contacts and share content than LinkedIn.

Three reasons you should be posting more on LinkedIn too:

Reason #1 – Your connections are active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn announced this year that they have surpassed 610 million members. And those members are engaged – 40% visit at least once a day while comments/likes/shares are up 60% year-over-year. Especially if you are in B2B, your audience is here. Now you just need to educate or entertain them.

Reason #2 – You can now go live!

Just last week, LinkedIn announced they are launching live video, giving individuals and companies the ability to broadcast real-time video to select groups, or to the entire LinkedIn world. Still in beta, LinkedIn Live (as the product is called) will initially be invite-only – and we are impatiently waiting for our invite!

Reason #3 – Even more targeting for paid ads

You know we look at social media, including LinkedIn, as a marathon and not a sprint. And even though we believe strongly in organic reach, using paid opportunities can help fuel that journey, especially if you are concentrating on lead generation and not nurturing current contacts. Since January, LinkedIn has offered interest targeting which lets you reach members with relevant ads that match their professional interests. Any advancement that makes paid opportunities more targeted and reduces waste is a win in our book!

Hopefully this inspires you to dig out that LinkedIn password, update your profile, start making those “digital deposits” with likes/comments/shares and get posting. We’ll be looking for you!