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Meaningful Metrics: Understanding and Using UTM Codes


In our last blog, we talked about how sometimes the clicks reported by LinkedIn, Facebook or other digital advertising platforms don’t always jive with what you see in Google Analytics. In this article, we are going to tell you about a nifty little tool – the UTM code – that will make it easier for READ MORE >>

Food for Thought: Marketing Stats & Facts


If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you may have seen some of our marketing stats posts. As marketers, we’re always trying to stay in the loop with the latest data. What’s working for B2B marketers? What are the habits of today’s consumers? How is technology impacting the way we market? Below are READ MORE >>

Debunking the Myths of Email Marketing


More than 15 million people or companies use MailChimp. Constant Contact has over 600,000 customers. HubSpot stands at about 25,000 users. Are you one of the millions of businesses using email marketing? We’d guess yes. In conversations with our clients and peers, we’ve been noticing some common misperceptions regarding email marketing. So, we thought it READ MORE >>