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Hungry? Feed Your Brain – March Edition

Is your brain hungry? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to our March edition of Feed Your Brain! 


We’ve preached about responsive web design for quite some time now. But responsive email design is just as important! Over half of Americans prefer to look at marketing emails on their phones. So creating responsive emails is vital. Learn how to make your own Marketing Responsive Emails

Myth Busters – Design edition! Modus is bringing truth to seven common misconceptions surrounding color contrast accessibility. Check it out here.


Curious what the future of marketing will look like in the next 10 years? MarketingProfs has five ways to survive and thrive marketing in the next decade. 

If only prospecting came with a guide! Well, now it does! HubSpot put together a guide for prospecting that includes how many touch points you need, when to make them and what type of touch points they should be. Yes!

Interested in exploring the world of Facebook advertising? According to Entrepreneur, the time to buy ads is NOW.  And if you need tips on how to create an effective Facebook ad, find them here. 

LinkedIn continues to evolve and release new advertising products. The latest is called called Conversation Ads which are personalized and give a “choose your own path” type of experience.

Are you familiar with Dr. Pepper’s 10-2-4 marketing campaign? Most people probably aren’t. This look back at what 10-2-4 meant and how the message built a ritual around the popular soft drink is quite interesting (and will leave you craving a Dr. Pepper!).


March is Women’s History Month and to celebrate ecoATM and The Rumie Initiative partnered to create a pop-up store in New York where people could drop off old cell phones. The phones were then loaded with educational materials and sent to girls in Afghanistan who can’t attend school. A way to recycle your old electronic devices AND help educate young women who wouldn’t otherwise get an education? We call that a win!

The NY Times Magazine is combining print with technology using Google Lens. Readers can simply point their phones at a picture in the magazine to view a video or listen to a playlist relating to a story in the issue. Who says print is dead?

If “talking is the new swiping,” is your business prepared? Whether you’re a fan or not, voice search is happening. Here’s why you should prepare.