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Natural Networking: How to Approach LinkedIn Like a Human


What comes to mind when you think of LinkedIn? Probably business, networking, professional connections, etc. And that image may subconsciously cause you to treat LinkedIn differently than your other social media profiles, but should you? In this episode of Brain Lava, ODEA President Patty Rioux talks about the human side of LinkedIn and why you READ MORE >>

Branding: Just Like Peeing in The Pool


We pretend to cringe in disgust when someone talks about it but let’s be real, we’ve all done it. This week’s topic is all about peeing in the pool! Thinking we’ve lost our minds right about now? We’re just kidding about the topic! Well, kind of. ODEA President, Patty Rioux, is a lover of analogies READ MORE >>

BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 4


At ODEA we live and breathe BOLD. But what does bold really mean? We’ve each picked out an example of marketing out in the world that we find bold. As you’ll see, bold can take on many forms. What does bold mean to you? JJ’s pick… ESPN’s AirDrop Ads Why is it BOLD? “How many TV shows are READ MORE >>