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The Perfect Fit: Proper Image Resizing

The How-To on Proper Image Resizing

We’re often inspired to record podcasts after we meet with clients or when we see something interesting on the web or after we’ve had a team huddle. This week is no different and was born out of a blog we wrote, “Marketing Tactics That Should Be Left in The Bargain Bin”. Call it a tactic we should leave behind, call it a designer pet peeve, call it whatever you want but we’re calling it out! If we’ve seen it once, we’ve seen it twice and we can’t stand by and let it happen anymore. We’re using our experience and knowledge to help bring this monstrosity to an end.

So, what is this heinous act we speak of? Distorted logos and images – you know the ones that look like you’re looking at a fun house mirror?  Oh, the great presentations and beautiful projects tainted by a logo or image that was stretched and skewed to its limits – it physically pains us!

ODEA Graphic Designer, Stephanie Cosgrove, and ODEA President, Patty Rioux, are sharing the proper way to resize your images and logos in this week’s episode of Brain Lava.