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Deep Dive into SEO


Our top tips on how to improve the SEO of your website. Is your brain feeling hungry? Curious for knowledge? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to a super special edition of Brain Lava. If you’ve listened to our podcast before then you know the routine, we introduce a topic and then drop READ MORE >>

Back to Basics: SEO 101


“SEO” is a term we hear thrown around a lot in the marketing and tech world. It stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Now that we’ve broken that down for you, it’s crystal clear what SEO is, right? Great! Our work here is done… or maybe not. If you’re anything like Chelsi Hardin, ODEA Project Manager, READ MORE >>

The Latest from Google: Confirming SEO Signals and Spoken Search


A major confirmation came last week for marketers when a Google senior strategist confirmed that content and links pointing to a site are two of the top three signals contributing to search rankings. The third is Google’s artificial intelligence system RankBrain that helps process its search results using machine learning. Machine learning is described as READ MORE >>