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New and Not-so-New: Five Tips for Creating Sales Presentations for Zoom, Teams, and Meet

We got you sales pros! We know you’re killer at building rapport and gaining interest when you’re live and in person with a potential customer. But these days, you’re having to sharpen your online presentation skills to make those same connections while looking into a webcam instead of into the eyes of another human.

That means we marketers need to step up our game, too. We need those decks and presentations you’re using to be BOLDer than ever – and optimized for the virtual sales world. And while we’re talking – let’s be real. We know you sales folks like to go rogue and “personalize” those slides we send you! So, here’s five reminders for us all when crafting decks to rock Zoom, Meet, and Teams.

When everything changes, nothing changes

Most of the same rules apply for presenting now as did BC (Before COVID). One message per slide and no paragraphs of text. Flash your brilliance by filling in the details verbally if asked or save it for follow-ups to nurture the relationship. Remember to think billboard, not textbook.

Shorter is better

Your intro deck used to be 20 slides? Cut it to ten. You schedule your sales calls for an hour? Create your deck to present for no more than 20 minutes and use the remainder to listen and connect. Screen and virtual fatigue are real so set yourself apart and give your audience a much-needed visual break.

Slooow it doooown

We’re all making more videos and adding one to a deck is always an attention-getter. But until we are all cruising down the internet superhighway with 5G, be mindful of the impact lag can have on video. Marketers, when creating videos to embed in sales presentations, slow them down a tic or two.

Yes, I can hear you

Can you embed videos with sound? Yes, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams all allow you to share your computer sound when presenting, although all do require specific settings. So, marketers, help the sales team and give a training on the platform you are using.

The golden rule for presenting anywhere

To you sales pros, I beg of you, DO NOT READ your slides to your audience! That’s why we keep presentations light on text (aka, the first tip above) and heavy on your verbal insights. It keeps prospects’ attention where it should be, on you, regardless if you’re in person or on-screen.