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Living Through (And Surviving!) A Rebrand

You don’t know what you don’t know! And that’s especially true of the rebrand process. While some organizations grimace at the thought of changing their name, others are more ambitious and ready to tackle the massive project. But no matter where you fall on the scale, remember that it’s a huge undertaking. After going through the creative process of changing your name and/or logo, there’s a (what seems to be) endless well of items to update after the fact. Some are more top of mind like your website and email address, but what about your voicemail box recording? And all those sales documents and internal emails?

In this episode of Brain Lava, Liz Fidanovski, Executive Director of the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council, joins ODEA President Patty Rioux to share her experience of living through a recent rebrand. She shares what it was like to update all of their literature from “CFBC” to “EFBC” and how even just remembering to say the right name in conversation can be tricky! To hear her takeaways and tips click play below: