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Collaboration in The Age of Separation – and Polar Vortexes

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for your entire existence, you’ve probably collaborated with a person or team at some point in your life. Whether it be at work, at home, in school, or a personal project, collaboration is something that we all experience. But just like everything else in our fast-paced world, collaboration is changing. With more company’s adopting the idea of remote or virtual teams, collaborating among teams becomes a new challenge.

We like to think ODEA is made up of 10 brilliant – albeit quirky – individuals. We happen to spread that brilliance across four states with ODEA-ites living and working in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Arkansas. (Yes, Arkansas. Just listen to this week’s podcast and you’ll know exactly which one of us is a Razorback. Woo pig!) We’re constantly facing the challenge of how to collaborate when separated by hundreds of miles – or when separated by a Polar Vortex that kept us all working in PJ pants from home this week. But not even -21 degrees could stop us from podcasting!

In this week’s episode of Brain Lava, Chelsi Hardin, ODEA Project Manager, and JJ Lattea, ODEA Technical Coordinator, discuss the tools, apps, and programs that we use at ODEA to keep us productive no matter where our team might be.