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Brain Lava is Back: Why It’s OK to Press ‘Pause’

We’re back! Welcome to season two of Brain Lava. Last season we covered so many topics- from what it means to be BOLD, to getting out of the comfort zone, to SEO, to many, many more. This year we’re bringing you even more marketing insights and tips flowing from our brains. AND we’ve got some amazing guest interviews lined up with some of the most brilliant people in the marketing industry. We can’t wait for you to listen to all of the awesome things we’re sharing in season two! But let’s start with episode one.

We’re kicking off our first episode with one of our favorite “Patty-isms”, Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. But it’s okay to hit pause on a project and take some time to retool before you get back in the race. Take a listen to this week’s episode to hear how ODEA is using this very advice to take Brain Lava to the next level.

Prefer to read instead of listen? We’ve got you covered. Find a transcript of this episode below!

Hey podcast listeners! Welcome to Brain Lava, Team ODEA’s podcast dedicated to all things marketing and technology. I am Patty Rioux, president of ODEA, and welcome to 2020 as well. 2020 is actually the moment we’re going to start season two of our podcast here at ODEA. So, welcome to season 2, episode 1. This is definitely going to be a very different year, we hope, for our beloved podcast Brain Lava.

Well, if you’ve listened to us before, you certainly know that we believe marketing is a marathon not a sprint. But even in that marathon, it’s okay to pause and take a look at what you’re doing, take a look at how it’s generating response, how its interacting and it’s okay to retool. And that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing with Brain Lava this year.

So, a couple of things we’re going to be doing a little bit different. First and foremost, we’re going to go back through all of our 40 plus past episodes and do some translations and get those up on our website as both content as well as audio blogs. We know that’s going to help us obviously with SEO but we know lots of folks are still readers as well as listeners. So, we want to get that content out to them.

The second thing we’re going to do is, you know we also talk a ton about slicing and dicing content that you make. Right? Making any marketing assets, especially content, is not expensive from a time and money standpoint. So, we need to do a little bit better job at practicing what we preach. We need to go back through some of those past podcasts and get out those gems and 20 or 40 second segments and start using those in some different places. Be it, social or on our website or what-have-you. So, you’re going to be seeing some of that. So that’s retooling number two for us.

And then returning number 3 is taking a look at those past episodes and what got some of the better engagement. What we saw was that you definitely liked and we most definitely liked times when we were doing interviews of q and a’s or at least had two voices, you know. I hate hearing myself ramble on. JJ is certainly tired of editing and hearing me ramble on so we’re going to do a lot more of an interview format for our season to get some new voices and some new thoughts on here but still talk all the things we do with brand, content, technology and lots of the different aspects of marketing.

So, my first 2020 message to you is, even though you’re hanging in there, looking at your marketing as a marathon, you know, doing all of your reps – it’s okay to pause, retool and then get back out there. We’re so excited for 2020! Thanks so much for listening. As always, if you’ve got ideas or you’d love to be a guest, or you’ve got a question, you can find us a [email protected]. You can always find us on the web at and until next time, thanks so much for listening.