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Alexa, What is Voice Search?

Ready or not voice search is happening! And it’s giving ODEA President, Patty Rioux, the ability to clone herself. (Send help!) Okay, we’re being a bit dramatic. It’s not really giving her the ability to multiply but it is improving her productivity and changing the way we’re thinking about marketing for the future.

In fact, if you’ve got an Amazon Echo Dot sitting anywhere in your house, walk over to it and nicely ask “Alexa, play Brain Lava”. Hear the intro music? Give yourself a nice pat on the back because you just completed a successful voice search! On this week’s 25th episode of Brain Lava, Patty sat down with ODEA Tech Coordinator, JJ Lattea, to pick his brain about the search of the future. JJ’s bringing the stats plus the knowledge and telling us how much voice assistants and voice search might change our worlds!