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360 Images: Taking the Online Experience to the Next Level

It happens to all of us: You see a product online, you think it’s perfect, so you buy it! But when it arrives you realize it’s not exactly what you were looking for. It’s not always easy to shop online since you can’t hold a product or item in your hand. Especially when you can only see a picture of the product you want at a certain angle. Or worst-case scenario, no picture at all (cue horror movie scream!).

But companies are finding new ways of helping consumers shop online more confidently. One of those new ways? 360 images that give consumers the ability to view a product from every angle. Can you say game changer? And because it’s 2019 and tech is totally turning the tables, let’s take it one step further. Some websites are even giving consumers the ability to take a product and drop it in a real-life setting (like what Nike did with the new Air Jordan 11).

In this week’s episode of Brain Lava, ODEA President, Patty Rioux, and ODEA Technical Coordinator, JJ Lattea, are talking 360 stats and how it’s changing our world (and our online shopping). Curious if it’s worth the investment? Take a listen and find out!