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Why You Might Need (Or Want) a New Domain Extension

Did you know the internet was launched publicly on August 6th, 1991? We just celebrated the internet’s 27th birthday! All things considered, the internet is still very young. But even though it’s young, it has lived a full life and grown at incredible speeds.

With all of the different organizations, ideas and people out in the world, it was inevitable that the pool of URLs to choose from would shrink. Has your company ever looked to create a new website for a particular product or service offering only to find that it was already taken? Sometimes you can purchase the URL, but it will probably cost you a pretty penny.

That’s where domain extensions save the day!

A domain extension is the “.com” at the end of your URL. Now that the internet has grown so much, there are alternate options to .com such as .edu, .gov and .net. Currently, there are two domain extensions that are continuing to grow in popularity – .io (which stands for input/output) and .co (which stands for company or corporation). We’re seeing that many tech companies, such as Gleam, are using .io and large corporations such as Ilumi are using .co.

If the web URL of your dreams is already taken, consider checking for the same URL but with a different domain extension. It’s a great solution to keep the web address you’re looking for without having to pay potentially thousands of dollars.

What’s the catch?

Long story short – there is no catch. You may be worried that your website will have a lesser-reputation using a domain extension like .io instead of .com. But we’re here to tell you not to be worried! The truth is you’ll actually stand out from others (which we think is BOLD) and show that you’re tech-savvy and keeping up with current trends.

You’ll also be glad to know that Google’s search engine treats everyone the same, regardless of domain extension. That means your SEO will not be sacrificed! However, you’ll need to continue to keep up with your keywords and producing fresh content on a regular basis to be rewarded by Google – that will never change!

What do you think the internet will look like on its 100th birthday? Hmmm…