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Tick Tock Tech: Technology We Wish Existed

If you haven’t noticed, we love technology. In our marketing lives and in our personal lives, technology simplifies life, entertains us, helps us stay organized, inspires us, and the list goes on. On any given day, an ODEA-ite is dropping a new gadget or gizmo into our ‘Creative’ Slack channel for us all to ooh and ahh over. But there are still moments when we’re in a technology pinch and think, “Somebody needs to invent that!”

So, without further ado, here’s our list of technology we wish existed. (And if you feel inspired to invent any of the following, you have our most sincere appreciation.)

Sue Lattea, Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager at ODEA, I spend a lot of time scheduling social posts for our clients. Scheduling the posts isn’t a problem. The problem ensues when I need to add a gif or video to the post. Each social media platform has different dimensions for their videos. So, I end up having to resize the video or I have to bug a team member to create a different size for me. Since I don’t think the social media platforms will ever agree on a size for videos, I’m hoping for some help from one of the scheduling tools. It would be amazing if you just uploaded your video and the social media scheduler made it the correct size for each social platform. Need a video for Facebook, here ya go! Need a different size for Twitter, we got ya covered! That would be a dream come true.

JJ Lattea, Technical Marketing Manager

Technology I need to exist? A projector that shines on your wall from the top of your wall. You’re able to split it up however you want. So, you can have just a giant screen, or you can have a 50-inch screen and then 8 screens around it. Your peripherals connected as Bluetooth to it. It would also have special technology that tracks your eyes. So, if you’re listening to music and need to pull up a YouTube tutorial on “how to get your boss to bother you less”, your headphones/speakers will soften the sound of your music and make the tutorial louder. And of course, it would make it a lot easier to catch your favorite sports team on a Friday afternoon while working. Go Baez and Detroit!

Emily Wade, Marketing Manager

The workday would be much easier if all the best-in-class project management web tools were all-in-one: Harvest for billing and time tracking which talks to Monday for project management, which talks to Dropbox and Google for file storage and calendaring. There are some integrations, but not as seamless as I would prefer!

Patty Rioux, President

The technology I am impatiently waiting for is a platform that sits above all the video conference apps like Zoom, Meet, Teams and WebEx. (Yes, I’ve been on a couple WebEx video conferences that gave me flashbacks to 2010 and a sales presentation on WebEx that went south and resulted in the blue screen of death.) So often when hopping from one platform to another, settings go haywire and suddenly my microphone isn’t working or I’m playing charades because I can’t hear anyone. Any dev teams out there looking for a project, let’s talk!

Andrea Durfey, Senior Brand/Marketing Strategist

My tech wish list is the ability to access Google Analytics from the actual website that I want to analyze. While I love having access to all of the web properties we monitor in one comprehensive place, I’d love to be able to go to the footer of a client’s website and click a button to log in to their analytics.

Chelsi Hardin, Marketing Manager/Content Specialist

I have a long list of technology I wish existed but something I’ve been thinking about recently is smartphones and holograms. How amazing would it be to send someone a design – be it a tradeshow booth, a banner, or even a logo – and they are able to easily project it as a hologram from their smartphone. If smartphones had this capability, we could present work in 3D without needing special glasses. Clients would have the ability to see the design as a real, physical image and I believe this would allow even better feedback. Also, can you imagine how amazing presentations would be? Game changer.