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Technology That Will Rock Our World in 2019

It’s that time of year when everyone starts to speculate what the next big thing will be in marketing and tech this year. We thought we would join in on the fun and share our thoughts on the technology that you should keep your eyes peeled for in 2019!

Samsung Galaxy F

Since its first launch of the Samsung Galaxy S in 2010, Samsung continues to evolve and create pieces of hand-held technology that are truly out of this world (no pun intended!) The Samsung Galaxy F proves once more that Samsung is pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology and we’re here for it.

Wondering what the “F” stands for? Believe it or not – Foldable. Samsung is the first major company to try to produce a fully-foldable phone. The Samsung Galaxy F will bring a whole new resolution size to screens, allowing you to use the front of the phone as usual and then unfold it to reveal a full tablet-sized screen. That means responsive design for websites just became even more important. But what we’re really excited about is how this new technology will allow us to create custom experiences using multiple screens on a phone.

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy F here.

AI News Anchor 

Another technology that has our interest this year is the AI News Anchor that was launched in November. This news anchor can broadcast news 24/7 and doesn’t need sleep… because it’s a robot. It learns how to talk and report the news by watching live broadcasts of other news anchors. It even picks up the appropriate tone to use when presenting news.

So how will this effect our world as marketers? For starters, our writing will have to change. When writing for the media, we have typically been very matter-of-fact and void of hype to make sure what we are conveying is considered news and not promotion. If we’re writing for a news anchor that just happens to be a robot, we’ll need to re-focus a bit to make sure that any emotion we want translated to our audience is crystal clear and easy for the AI anchor to pick up and convey.

Learn more about the AI News Anchor here.

Adobe Project Aero

As marketers, our job is to always find new ways to engage our audience. How about giving them the ability to become fully immersed in a design? Adobe is doing just that with Project Aero, an augmented reality (AR) authoring tool. Project Aero will allow users to create a 2D design that transforms into fully immersive content. This new tool will take designing to a whole new level and we’re totally on board.

Learn more about Adobe Project Aero here.

5G Mobile Networks

One thing that will remain a constant in 2019 is our desire for mobile content to be instant, even when we’re not connected to Wi-Fi. Samsung and LG are launching phones in the first half of 2019 that will work with 5G. Apple appears to be waiting a year and it won’t be releasing a 5G phone until 2020. This allows for providers to increase coverage and work through all the kinks. (Helpful tip: if you’re already in Apple’s ecosystem, wait until 2020 to get a new phone.)

With players like Samsung and LG in the 5G hemisphere and Apple not too far behind, the way we use our phones to access mobile content will change. Accessing email, checking out a new website, downloading the latest app… 5G makes all of this faster on a smartphone. Even more exciting is virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 360 images, 4K videos or any other medium that tends to be a larger file size now has 5G to look forward to for making it easier and faster to download content. When building a website, mobile first design will continue to take hold if 5G pushes mobile viewing to spike.

Learn more about 5G Mobile Networks here.

We like to say we used to do marketing, now we do technology. Truth is, they are now so closely connected it’s impossible to tell one from the other. We have no doubt there will be plenty more new tech tools that catch our eyes in 2019. And when they do, we’ll be back with another blog!