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Technology Game Changers in A Digital World

Back in January 2020, we made some BOLD predictions on what we expected technology, specifically virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), to look like in 12 months. New and improved glasses and headsets, haptic feedback, augmented audio, the possibilities were endless, and we were PUMPED for it. Then came coronavirus and many tech companies pushed pause while others sped up their development as connecting virtually became the de facto way of doing business.

It certainly proved even a pandemic can’t stop innovation. More companies are implementing VR/AR as a way to work as a team while keeping employees safe. Consumers are welcoming AR into their homes with gaming glasses and makeup tutorials that allow them to virtually test before purchasing online. A year full of challenges and hurdles to overcome has resulted in amazing technology to reshape the way we work and live in this “new normal.”

Up until recently, AR/VR has been mostly geared towards a consumer looking for entertainment. Remember running around looking for little creatures with Pokémon Go or the launch of VR gaming headsets like the Oculus? But the days of creating AR/VR for purely entertainment purposes is gone. One article observed 2020 evolved these technologies five years ahead as workplace teams, educators, students and others are looking for enhanced ways to stay connected.

Here are three technologies using AR and VR that are changing the game in this digital world.


A few weeks ago, we discovered a cool use of augmented reality, an app called ClipDrop. ClipDrop gives you the ability to extract objects, people, drawings and text from real life, and drag and drop them directly to another app or website. What an amazing application of AR and artificial intelligence (AI).

Give Consumers Some Space

Another app using AR to transform the customer experience is 3xr. Wondering how that chair will look in your dining room? Or maybe you’re unsure about that stove in your kitchen. 3xr uses AR and 3d to show you products in your space. This app really comes in handy with more people online shopping and less opportunity for face-to-face. Not to mention, it gives sales teams a safe, engaging way to show a consumer their product. Be right back – shopping for a new couch!

To The (Digital) Conference Room

One thing we took for granted in years past was the ability to get together in an office, conference room or even around the water cooler. Raise your hand if you’re missing those moments – we sure are! But technology to the rescue! Imagine an immersive experience where you can gather to learn, share, create and even have your own avatar. Whether your team is separated by states or continents, Glue is a virtual space where teams can come together to collaborate. It’s a way to be in the room together when you can’t be in the room together.

We give kudos to the BOLD creators and innovators that are giving us new ways to share, collaborate, learn, and live in this digital hopefully-soon-to-be-post-pandemic world. To say that we can’t wait to see what AR/VR platforms 2021 brings is an understatement. Using AR/VR technology that you can’t live without? Tell us all about it at [email protected].