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Nine Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind


Being marketers means that you can find us “nerding-out” over something new just about every week. It also means that in the middle of any given conversation, there’s a 95% chance we could spout off a stat about the topic at hand. It’s a gift and a curse. This week our nerdiness and love of READ MORE >>

WordPress Intro


WordPress is currently powering 30% of all websites. Yeah, we’re picking our jaws up off the floor too! This 30% is a melting pot made up of small business websites, personal blogs and larger business websites like Sony and Vogue. At ODEA, WordPress is our go-to choice for content management system (CMS) when developing a READ MORE >>

Food for Thought: Marketing Stats & Facts


If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you may have seen some of our marketing stats posts. As marketers, we’re always trying to stay in the loop with the latest data. What’s working for B2B marketers? What are the habits of today’s consumers? How is technology impacting the way we market? Below are READ MORE >>