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It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Pinterest


We see you out there killing it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! Engaging with prospects, posting entertaining and insightful content, interacting with customers – Major kudos! But there’s one social platform you may be sleeping on. We’re talking about Pinterest. You know it, maybe you love it, but are you using it for your company? READ MORE >>

Natural Networking: How to Approach LinkedIn Like a Human


What comes to mind when you think of LinkedIn? Probably business, networking, professional connections, etc. And that image may subconsciously cause you to treat LinkedIn differently than your other social media profiles, but should you? In this episode of Brain Lava, ODEA President Patty Rioux talks about the human side of LinkedIn and why you READ MORE >>

Three Lessons Learned: Conquering Social Media for Business


To some, social media for business is a beast that they just aren’t prepared to tackle. Where do you even begin? Between creating fresh content and posting consistently, we’re not going to sugar coat it – it’s time consuming. But it’s necessary when you want to share your ideas, engage with your audience, and bring READ MORE >>