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Social Media POST Method

Social media is changing every single day. It feels like every morning we’re waking up to a new feature, a new layout, or a new platform altogether. You’re probably thinking that because social media is always evolving, your strategy for tackling it should too. Not so fast!

In 2011, a book by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff titled “Groundswell” hit the shelves to try and teach companies how to take advantage of the emerging social technologies. One method that “Groundswell” brought us that we still love today is something called POST. POST is an acronym that stands for people, opportunity, strategy, and technology. To put it simply, POST is a really smart way of planning how to take on social media. Seven years later, we’re still using this crazy powerful method.

This week on Brain Lava, Patty explains the POST method and why we think it’s still valid in today’s social media world.