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REBELS WANTED: Making Steel Cool Again at Big River Steel’s Grand Opening


How do you get people excited about a commodity as tried and true as steel? Easy.

Make it cool. Even better, make it badass.


Are you ready for the ride?

Big River Steel is truly a rebel in the steel industry. With so much steel in the world, people often question why they entered the market place. There is an answer to that – but we digress. This rebel brand was the perfect element of Big River’s identity to highlight for their Grand Opening events on March 1st.

Thus, the rebel bikers of the steel industry put out a call to their customers, investors, employees and vendors: Rebels Wanted.


Vroom Vroom!

At the Grand Opening ceremony, we wanted guests to feel like they were joining the Big River Steel rebel biker rally. Breathing life (and some noise) into the event, we kicked off the presentation with a motorcycle entrance and (of course!) dressed the Chief Commercial Officer in a custom Rebels Wanted leather jacket. The newly anointed rebels mingled and dined in a steel mill bay to a soundtrack including hits such as Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild, Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive and David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel.


Bad to the Bone

We took Rebels Wanted brand all the way down to the details. That night at the Customer Appreciation Dinner, guests enjoyed Rebel Rouser Ale on tap (served in Rebels Wanted pint glasses). The giveaway for customers? Rebels Wanted World Tour tees. Rock on, rebels!