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ODEA’s 2021 Marketing Predictions

When we reflect on our 2020 marketing predictions, the word pandemic was certainly not in the mix. Never in a million years could we have anticipated a worldwide lockdown and the ripple effect COVID-19 had on every facet of our lives. And after the craziness of the past nine months (that felt like five years), maybe we’re bonkers for even thinking about trying to predict marketing trends in 2021. But if you know us, you know we’re all about making BOLD moves. So, we’ll take our chances.

Here’s our hot take on marketing trends to keep your eyes on in 2021.

Sue, Project Manager

SEO and optimizing for voice search will be hot in 2021. As voice search becomes more popular, websites will need to focus on more conversational keywords. It will be important to understand what phrases a customer is using to search for information about your company. Then optimizing for those keywords. Also, think about updating your FAQ page. Adding questions that customers would speak into their cell phones will help you show up in the SERPs.

Megan, Project Manager

In 2021 I think we’ll see an even BIGGER increase in the use of live streaming and stories on social media. These were already on the rise, but with the pandemic, these tools are invaluable. With more people working remotely, impromptu live videos will be a great way to engage with consumers. Have a new product to show off or a company update to give? Hop on live and get candid with your customers! Similarly, this content can be repurposed in the “story” format – which is now offered on nearly every major social media platform! Or, if going live isn’t your thing, you can create a more structured story to reach out to your audience.

Andrea, Sr. Brand/Marketing Strategist

We’ve seen companies incorporating messages of kindness and empathy into their marketing efforts as we continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19.  BIG, BOLD kudos to Burger King for calling a temporary ceasefire in the burger wars by encouraging consumers to visit competitors! I expect to see more harmonious marketing themes continue in 2021. Marketers are people too and we know that we are all in this together

Stephanie, Graphic Designer

A big 2021 marketing trend prediction: self-care. With meditation and self-care tech on the rise in 2020 and the deep, deep stress many people have been feeling, bringing a nod to self-care into marketing will continue. Evidence of this showed up in the big-name celebrity and business partnerships The Calm App has had over the last year or more. Names like LeBron James, American Airlines, Apple, Kate Winslet and Matthew McConaughey have  narrated “sleep stories.”

Patty, President

I think marketers are going to double down on branding and creativity in 2021. The pandemic pushed many companies that had not yet embraced digital marketing and virtual selling to quickly get on board. Which is great — except it means content marketing, digital and ‘new’ ways of selling suddenly got even more crowded. How to stand out? Create and live a BOLD brand and amp up the creativity

JJ, Technical Coordinator

In 2021, content will still be the king of marketing. Companies will continue to battle for the attention of users to stay relevant. And with Gen Z getting older and continuing to influence their generation and others, brands need to make sure their content is authentic and stay true to themselves. (A huge determining factor for Gen Z buyers!)

Chelsi, Account Coordinator

I think 2021 will see a lot of focus on email marketing. We recently published a blog that included some jaw-dropping stats on the increase of email marketing over the past 12 months. I don’t see those numbers slowing down in 2021, in fact, I think they’ll continue to rise as brands continue to fight for consumer’s attention. My crystal ball shows BOLD email campaigns, hyper-personalized content, and better automation systems in our future.

Do you have a prediction for marketing in 2021? Tell us all about it at [email protected].