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ODEA Project Highlight Reel

Did you miss us? We’re only three months into the year and we’ve already been busy little ODEAites, working on all kinds of exciting projects for our clients (and a few of our own!). We decided that it was time to come up for air and give you a peek of our favorite projects so far:

SecureGuard Logo

We had the opportunity to partner with our friends at MicroFormat, a leading producer of document security paper products, and update their SecureGuard logo to capture the services and expertise they provide.

Magna-Tiles 360 Images

Do 360° images make a difference? You better believe it! According to Snap36, there are 35% less returns on products displayed in 360° spin. And our friends (and client) at Valtech are total believers! We worked with Snap36 to give Magna-Tiles a full 360° view of their products. Top, bottom, left side, right side… You can see it all with these 360° images.

ODEA Valentine’s Day Logo

February was the month of love. We had to show some love to our own logo and give it a temporary make-over. To keep it fun and fresh, we replaced the “O” with a spinning red heart!