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Looking For Our Next Out-Of-This-World ODEA-ite!

We Want You: Graphic Designer


A small-but-mighty virtual marketing firm with team members spread from Illinois to Ohio to Michigan to Arkansas. We execute branding, marketing strategies and niche projects for (mostly) B2B clients clustered in areas like manufacturing, industrial tech, professional services, family businesses, niche start-ups, etc. Our focus is on brand and storytelling via digital and the free/earned media side of the biz; web, content marketing, media relations, event marketing, nurture, social, marketing automation, etc. We serve as the outsourced marketing department for many of our clients – developing brands, strategies and plans then sticking around to handle all aspects of execution.

Our brand promise is to “Be curious. Be inspired. Be BOLD.” We are inquisitive types who get to know all aspects of our clients’ businesses, not just their marketing, and then find the smartest solutions to complex opportunities. We believe it takes a village to create best work so we encourage and support professional meddling, knowing great ideas can come from anyone regardless of role, responsibilities or experience level.



You are a Michelangelo looking for your next Sistine chapel. But you are not above designing a masterpiece of an email header or a trade ad. You believe marketing is part art, part science. You believe the right design is the eye candy that draws people to engage with content, or even a product or service. You collaborate with marketing strategists, content writers, video editors, project managers and clients to bring stories to life. You are inspired by boldness, pushing the limits, and developing graphics that wow clients and motivate audiences.


Start with us on a few projects to see if how we work fits with how you work. These are paid opportunities that we hope lead to you joining our team on a full-time, virtual basis.


  • New ideas and new clients are exciting to you, no matter how obscure or niche the business. You can concept as part of a creative team but also enjoy the rush of actually “doing” by executing design projects ranging from branding to digital to print to who-knows-what we’ll think up next!
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills – written, verbal, charades, smoke signals – especially over Slack, Zoom, Google Meet and all the other platforms that connect us as a virtual team
  • Able to function well in a fast-paced, deadline-rich environment under tight timetables and still make us laugh
  • Most of all – Curious about the businesses that our clients entrust us with as we help them BE BOLD. Inspired by that trust, you’ll create amazing work that leaves behind the “beige’ design all too common in B2B marketing.
  • Experience – Whatever path you have taken that you believe instilled in you the graphic design skills we need. You might be a former artist or art teacher who has crossed over to graphic design, bringing with you creativity and ideas that really make designs soar. Or a frustrated designer at a big agency who is tired of being boxed into doing things just one way. Or a freelance designer looking to join a team of marketers just as dedicated as you. How you got here isn’t as important to us as how you intend to help us get where we’re going. (Which, by the way, is gonna be pretty amazing.)



We moved to a 100% virtual team after COVID kept us from our downtown Chicago office for most of 2020. We are spread across Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Arkansas and work remote 90+% of the time. We do schedule quarterly “retreats” for a few days where we can co-work and connect. For that reason, we are looking for team members in the Eastern or Central time zones and we do require all ODEA-ites to have received a COVID vaccine.

Intrigued? Introduce yourself by sending design samples, a resume and anything else that will dazzle us to [email protected].