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Client Trivia for $1,000 Alex: Random Info We Know Thanks to Our Clients

It’s not uncommon for an ODEA-ite to spit out a random fun, weird, quirky, or technical fact at any given moment. Whether we’re chatting with friends, family, each other, or a random stranger in Walgreens (true story!), we often find ourselves throwing in a little-known fact or piece of “how in the world do you know that” knowledge. We owe all our thanks to clients, current and former, for allowing us to live our mission to “Be Curious. Be Inspired. Be BOLD.”

It was on a Friday afternoon phone call that we decided it wasn’t fair for us to keep all of these useful bits of information to ourselves. So, here’s just a sampling of what we know. (Alex Trebek, call us!!)

Thanks to Argianas & Associates, we know the intended user of an appraisal is complex. (And it’s NOT always the client!)

We love steel trivia, cause we’re nerdy like that! The average automobile contains more than 60 different grades of steel, from our deep dive with Big River Steel.

During our time with Carbit, we learned all about this thing called “Carbicote”- strippable water-based paint! Spray or roll your spray booth with Carbicote and simply strip the paint off when your project is complete. How cool is that? Carbit cool!

We know the mad skills it takes to extract beautiful natural stone from a quarry before it gets to your countertop or floor because of our friends at Chadwick’s Surfaces.

Chicago Glue and Machine taught us that glue is sticky due to two physical properties: adhesive and cohesive forces. The adhesion allows the glue to stick to another material and the cohesion allows the glue to stick to itself.

We fancy ourselves tax lingo pros thanks to Cray Kaiser. “Nexus” is a tax term that determines which localities a business must pay tax in based on the company having a sufficient presence in that area (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg on this complex topic!)

Sesame Street® fan? Next time you see your favorite cookie-eating character, Cookie Monster, take a second look at his iconic eyes. Cookie Monster’s right pupil must always be higher than the left pupil to give him that googly-eyed look. We can thank CreateOn for this one.

We’ll take “Family Business” for $1000, please. After working with our friends at the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council for the last seven years, we’ve got a few stats up our sleeves. You may not know 30% of family businesses make it to the second generation, while only 13% make it to the third generation.

Fellow tech nerds gather round. Sensor fusion is the process of combining data from multiple components to generate an output or action that is more accurate and reliable. The more you know, courtesy of Everguard.

Looking to sell your home? Well, if you’re hoping to get top dollar, this fun fact is for you! Our friends at Mega Pros taught us that a new garage door can actually add more value to your home than a minor kitchen renovation. We were surprised too.

Our friends at Nuance Solutions taught us that microfiber cloths last five times longer than cotton blended yarn, on average! This is due to the tiny hooks of the material, which effectively trap and remove soil and germs.

“There’s no wrong way to mop a floor!” We disagree. And our friends at Portion Pac will back us up on this one.

Every time we talk with our client, Psyched!, we learn something new about ourselves and how to live our best lives. One of the first lessons we learned was all about the energy we bring into a situation- is it productive or destructive? Every day we wake up and have the opportunity to be an energy source or an energy drain; the choice is ours.

Nowadays, a lot of our shopping is done online. But many younger consumers still value experiences they gain while shopping and like to keep a nice balance of online and in-store purchases. Randal Retail Group helps us keep in mind the importance of brick and mortar stores.

Did you know that steel is the most recycled material in the world, more than all other materials combined? Well, we do. That’s courtesy of Searing Industries.

Through our work with Specialty Sales, we’ve learned you can’t just pick the first fitting you see for your equipment. There are seemingly endless types of fittings in a variety of shapes, materials, and orientations (tee, elbow, male, female, brass, plastic)… and the list continues!

Thanks to Vaxcel, all ODEA-ites know what style lighting fixtures we should use to decorate our homes. (You can too by taking their fun quiz!)

Next time you mute the TV during a commercial break, think about all the time that goes into a 30-second spot. From working with Utopic, we learned that commercials can take an average of 3 weeks from start to finish.

You know something we enjoy talking about? Lice. Which is what led us to that Walgreen’s chat with a stranger. Thanks to WelComb we know lice eat blood and they prefer to stick to the same blood type they started with. This means that if the infested head gets close to a head of a different blood type, the louse will likely stay put.

We love our amazing clients and all that we learn by working closely on projects with them. It’s because of them that we’re able to do what we’re passionate about every day, get smarter in different industries, and have a toolbox of trivia ready at any moment. So, to our clients, we say “Thank you!” If Alex Trebek ever does call us, we promise to make you proud.