Our List of Favorite Spots to Get Smart and Inspired


While we wish we could tell you that we know absolutely everything there is to know about marketing and technology, let’s be real – we don’t. Stephen Covey said, “The key to success is dedication to life-long learning.” No truer words, Stephen. At ODEA, our love of learning is one of our biggest motivators. It keeps us moving forward as an organization and helps us as individuals to grow our passions. And one of the best things about learning? Sharing that knowledge with others. This week we want to share the wealth and give some insight into our favorite places READ MORE >>

Video: Argianas Logo Redesign


We recently had the thrill of working with our friends at Argianas & Associates, a real estate valuation and consulting company, to launch an updated brand and new website to capture not only the services and expertise they provide, but their personalities too. Their new, refreshed logo is an evolution of their previous one and was inspired by Argianas’ founder, Chuck Argianas. Chuck knew it was important that their updated brand place a heavier emphasis on the team of associates supporting the success of the company, so we made both words “Argianas” and “Associates” equal in size and emphasis. The READ MORE >>

ODEA’s Post Post-Mortem


A few weeks ago, we held our first official post-mortem at ODEA. Following the meeting, we discussed what we felt worked great for our team and the things that were not-so-great. A post post-mortem, if you will. Here’s what we learned: Make a list of questions We have a vocal group at ODEA but we still wanted to make sure we had a short list (about five) of questions to open up the discussion. We started the conversation with those questions but allowed the discussion to stray from the list at times, which is okay! The questions are a great READ MORE >>