You Complete Me. Marketing Technology We Can’t Live Without.


We talk about marketing technology a LOT. But we feel it necessary to declare our love for the technologies that make our lives easier – especially our marketing lives. They keep our projects flowing smoothly, help us stay organized, allow us to create beautiful pieces, and so much more. But this week we ODEA-ites had to live our own nightmare – we had to pick just one that we couldn’t live without. Eeeek! After a little back and forth, we made some hard decisions and picked our absolute favorites. (To the technology we had to leave behind, we still love READ MORE >>

WCAG and ADA: The Letters You Need to Know About Website Accessibility


If you subscribe to our weekly email roundup, Feed Your Brain, full of the articles our brains are munching on or follow current happenings in the news, you likely read about a legal case that’s been working its way through the court system. This case has been in the media for the past few months, and brings a lot of uncertainty to business owners who now must ensure their websites and mobile apps are accessible to all. Domino’s feels the heat The case involves Domino’s Pizza and a blind man named Guillermo Robles. In 2016, Robles sued Domino’s after he READ MORE >>

Video: Argianas Logo Redesign


We recently had the thrill of working with our friends at Argianas & Associates, a real estate valuation and consulting company, to launch an updated brand and new website to capture not only the services and expertise they provide, but their personalities too. Their new, refreshed logo is an evolution of their previous one and was inspired by Argianas’ founder, Chuck Argianas. Chuck knew it was important that their updated brand place a heavier emphasis on the team of associates supporting the success of the company, so we made both words “Argianas” and “Associates” equal in size and emphasis. The READ MORE >>