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You Complete Me. Marketing Technology We Can’t Live Without.

We talk about marketing technology a LOT. But we feel it necessary to declare our love for the technologies that make our lives easier – especially our marketing lives. They keep our projects flowing smoothly, help us stay organized, allow us to create beautiful pieces, and so much more.

But this week we ODEA-ites had to live our own nightmare – we had to pick just one that we couldn’t live without. Eeeek! After a little back and forth, we made some hard decisions and picked our absolute favorites. (To the technology we had to leave behind, we still love you!)

So, what are these marketing technologies that we can’t live without? Don’t worry, we’re not going to keep them a secret.

Sue, Project Manager

As a project manager, you can imagine all the marketing technologies I use daily. But the one that I cannot live without is MOZ. It allows me to do keyword research for my clients to see what the best keywords are to optimize for their websites. It also makes it easy to keep track of those keywords and report to the client how they are performing.

Stephanie, Graphic Designer

Adobe! I literally couldn’t do anything without this program. As a designer, I use InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Xd in tandem to bring all our BOLD ideas to life!

Megan, Project Manager

The marketing tech tool I can’t live without is Facebook. Not only do company pages provide a lot of opportunity to share and interact with customers, but the possibilities are endless with Facebook ads. It’s a powerful platform to reach millions and drive action (and sales). Bonus: you can’t advertise on Instagram without Facebook!

JJ, Technical Coordinator

The marketing technology I couldn’t do without is definitely YouTube. Want to learn something new? YouTube. Need to stay up to date on new tech? YouTube. Looking for inspiration? You guessed it, YouTube!

Chelsi, Account Coordinator

Hootsuite is at the top of my list. Managing social media for multiple clients can turn into an absolute cluster without it. The super easy-to-use platform helps me stay organized and easily see scheduled posts at a glance. It’s also a huge time saver, which I’m ALWAYS a fan of! I can quickly schedule a post to several social platforms at one time instead of scheduling individually.

Patty, President

LinkedIn is my go-to marketing tool. I sip my coffee and spend 15-30 minutes on LinkedIn every morning. It lets me share the content our team creates, learn from the content others are sharing, and stay in the minds of clients, contacts and cheerleaders who send us referrals. LinkedIn has been adding a lot of new features over the last few years, from LinkedIn Learning to Open which they recently released to help small businesses be found and connect.

Andrea, Sr. Brand/Marketing Strategist

For me, it’s all about measurement and analytics so I would have to say my can’t live without technology is Google Analytics. Having real-time access to metrics allows us to know what is working and what isn’t and quickly adjust as necessary.

And there you have it, the marketing technology we can’t live without. We love learning about amazing new technology just as much as you! If there’s a marketing tool you think we have to know about – tell us! Drop us a line at [email protected].