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Breaking the Label: Take Your Box from Drab to Fab

Another day at the ODEA office, another Amazon package. Are we addicted to Amazon? That’s a whole other blog post. But we can’t lie, it does give us butterflies whenever we see the delivery man at our door and last week was no different! Picture this, all the little ODEA-ites safely tucked in their offices, whistling a happy tune as we worked. And then we heard that two o’clock knock on the door and we knew – our Amazon goodies had arrived! But this time when we opened the door, we weren’t just met with the smiling face of our beloved delivery man holding a brown cardboard package with the well-known Amazon tape wrapped snugly around it. Instead, a box covered in white and fiery red tones on all-black greeted us. After further investigation we found that the box was advertising for “Good Omens”, Amazon Prime Video’s newest original show. Our first thought, “What a kick-ass box!” Our second thought, “We should totally write about this!”

More Fab Things – Minions

Let’s take it back to 2015, when one of the first big splashes of box branding rolled out. Universal Pictures partnered with Amazon for the release of the Minions Movie. (If you know Chief ODEA-ite, Patty, then you probably know she loved this!) Billboards and print ads served as great advertising tactics but Universal and Amazon saw another opportunity – millions of drab cardboard boxes just begging for some fabulousness. They promoted the movie directly on people’s doorsteps on a fab printed package that was sure to grab their attention. Gold! (Or Minion yellow, in this case.)

In marketing we always aim to surprise and delight our customers. In other words, we ask how we can take something our customers already want and jazz it up in a different, unexpected way. We have no doubt that Universal Pictures imagined the delight that stacks of bright yellow boxes with silly characters all over neighborhoods and office buildings would bring to their audience. It’s ten times more joy-sparking than your typical brown box. Marie Kondo would approve.

(Image: Adweek)

And You Know We Think Target is Fab

In 2018, Target made us all break out into our happy dance when they announced free two-day shipping to compete with Amazon and other retailers. Target, one of the masters of creating an “experience” for their customers, saw an opportunity to delight customers beyond what was contained in their packages. Boxes rolled out with everyone’s favorite little dog, Bullseye, driving a delivery van. Now when your shipment arrived, you not only had whatever product you ordered in two days but you also had a “toy” that could live in your home far beyond the usual lifespan of a boring cardboard box.

(Image: Fast Company)
 (Image: Twitter user @khoi)

Keeping it Fab

Remember how mom always told you it’s what is on the inside that counts? Don’t tell her but we’re going to have to disagree this time. (Sorry mom!) We are always thrilled to receive whatever goodies we’ve ordered but how can you crank up that excitement for your customers? Get creative and “out of the box” with your message! Whether you are using your delivery packaging as another advertising surface or to further convey the tone of your brand, it’s clear that what’s on the outside is just as important as what’s on the inside. Together, it can create an experience that consumers won’t soon toss in the recycling bin or forget!