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BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 9

At ODEA, we can never get enough BOLD. Lucky for us, brands are bringing it! This meant another quarter of us struggling to narrow down our favorite picks. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Check out each ODEA-ite’s favorite example of BOLD marketing below!

Megan’s Pick…

Ruggable’s Email Nurture Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

I’d been seeing Ruggable ads on Facebook and Instagram for months. While I hadn’t been in the market for a rug, their brand and product caught my eye so I filed it away in brain. So, of course, when I was buying my first house and needed a rug, I immediately went to! Because of their ads I was already familiar with the features of their product and knew that I liked the styles they offered, making my first purchase a no brainer. After I bought my living room rug, I received a series of emails (not too few but not too many) giving me tips on styling my rug, choosing the right rug size, showing me new styles and encouraging me to show off my rug on social media. I found their content helpful and engaging. So guess who bought two more Ruggable rugs?! I think this nurture campaign was BOLD because they proved they know their audience. They interacted with me in all the right ways showing that they understand their target demographic.

Stephanie’s Pick…

Art of Sport Ad

BOLD Marketing - AOS Art of Sport

Why is it BOLD?

A few weeks ago, the direct to consumer brand aired its first TV campaign highlighting the history of antiperspirants and cleaning in athletics. Dr. James “Beard” Harden delivers a delightfully dead-pan review of ridiculous methods (including donkey milk) with a final note that AOS works hard, without any of the weird stuff. Self care products for women have long been highlighting their avoidance of ingredients, like parabens. The BOLD marketing from AOS is evidence of the trend for more male-centric brands to embrace natural botanicals and more health-focused ingredients.

JJ’s Pick…

KitKat Kit

BOLD Marketing - KitKat Kit

Why is it BOLD?

When we are working hard, either at home or in an office, we always need a break. But sometimes we forget to take one. That’s why Kit Kat teamed up with AIRFIX, a plane modeling company, to give airplane model makers a break as they model. Their new Spitfire model includes a “Now with added break” teaser icon on the package. And once the modeler opens it up, they’ll find a “break” that includes instructions for eating a Kit Kat. (For context: airplane modeling is a small online community where users can watch or show others how to build airplanes from 3D printed material.)

This is the first time Kit Kat has appeared in another brand’s product. They got these special sets to the top 80% influencers, which saw 250,000 subscribers. This led to an 85% pick up in earned media. It’s a BOLD idea because they found a unique, unexpected way to tie in to another product. In the end, it allowed consumers to see both companies having a little fun.

Chelsi’s Pick…

Dropps – The Naked Truth About Laundry Ad

BOLD Marketing - Dropps Laundry Detergent

Why is it BOLD?

There’s nothing like a hairy, naked guy in a bathtub to get your attention while scrolling through your Facebook feed. Dropps launched this ad featuring their CEO a few years back but recently re-launched the ad across social media. Jonathan Propper, CEO and star who bares all, deadpans through the entire ad on why Dropps is the best skin-safe natural detergent out there. So safe you can bathe in it. This ad is so unexpected and their BOLD humor will stop a scroller in their tracks. Their simple marketing is brilliant and instantly made me want to order these pods. (I did. They’re great!)

Sue’s pick…

Waze Ads – Bring More Customers to Your Business!

BOLD marketing - Waze ads

Why is it BOLD?

Promoting your business by telling the story about how you put someone else out of business? I think that is a pretty BOLD move. But, it works when that story has a happy ending. Waze’s commercial is highlighting the story of the inflatable flailing arm tube man who is put out of business by their location-based ads. Don’t worry about the tube man though. He opens up a dance studio and uses those same ads to gain customers. Problem solved!

Andrea’s pick…

Duluth Trading Company – Average Underwear vs. Duluth Trading Company Underwear

Why is it BOLD?

Duluth Trading Company knows their audience and most of them don’t look like the models or celebrities employed by Calvin Klein. They take an uncomfortable subject (pun intended) and address it head on. No tiptoeing, no sugar coating. Direct, blunt, unapologetic. The use of simple line drawing animation appeals to the everyday man. And while I’m not their audience, as a marketer I applaud their tackling of a delicate situation in a humorous fashion.

And really, BOLD is the only way to describe advertising that includes phrases like “pillow for your package,” and “hug your junk.”

Patty’s pick… 

SK-II #BeautyIsNoCompetition 

BOLD Blog - BeautyIsNoCompetition

Why is it BOLD?

This video by SK-II pulls no punches. Featuring female Olympic athletes, the beauty brand addresses the absurdity that somehow women are in competition with each other in terms of their beauty. So BOLD to call BS on a part of the beauty industry seldom talked about! While these women are fierce competitors as athletes, this campaign puts an end to them being projected as competitors as women.

Be Bold. Be Curious. Be Inspired. 

We’ll be back next quarter with more BOLD marketing. Until then, show us your favorite examples! Tag us on Facebook at @odeagroup or use the hashtag #teamodea on Instagram and Twitter.