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BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 8

It’s our favorite time of the quarter where we ODEAites pick our favorite examples of BOLD marketing. With the holidays near, this was another tough one to narrow down. While some caused us to ugly cry, others made us laugh out loud and a few even made our bellies growl, but each share one thing – boldness.

Megan’s Pick…

Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s #PutPhillyOnIt Campaign


Why is it BOLD?

An Instagram ad led me to this clever campaign. Philadelphia Cream Cheese wanted to show consumers that cream cheese can be used on more than just bagels. Talk about BOLD, they even went so far as to create and sell on Amazon a “Bagel That” device which punches a hole through any food to turn it into a bagel (thus opening your mind to the thought of putting cream cheese on it!). With a witty commercial, a catchy hashtag and a kitschy product, I’d be surprised if this campaign wasn’t a success for the cream cheese makers!


Chelsi’s Pick…

Wendy’s Twitter Feed


Why is it BOLD?

Before the great chicken sandwich war between Popeye’s and Chick-Fil-A happened on Twitter and made us all laugh (and crave a chicken sandwich), there was Wendy’s. The fast-food chain’s Twitter has completely transformed over the last few years and gained more than 3M Twitter followers, securing its title as the “Queen of Twitter”. From a tweet exchange with a teenager helping him score a year’s worth of free Wendy’s chicken nuggets, to a rap battle with Wingstop that led to a five-track mix-tape titled, “We Beefin?”, to the roast tweets of Wendy’s biggest competitor, McDonald’s, their always tweeting something to spark engagement with their audience. Wendy’s has found the secret sauce for Twitter. They do an amazing job promoting their brand with an edgy, hilarious, sometimes sassy voice and to me, that is BOLD.


JJ’s Pick…

National Geographic: One Strange Rock

Why is it BOLD?

When your new TV series is about exploring outer space, what is the best way to help market it? Virtual reality astronaut helmets, of course! National Geographic decided to build astronaut helmets with the screen being the whole face protector of the helmet. It is round, so it is more immersive for the viewers. National Geographic’s BOLD move? They had real astronauts try on the helmets and provide feedback. They took the time and money to make sure it was as realistic as possible to give consumers the ultimate outer space experience.


Sue’s Pick…

IKEA – Silence the Critics

Why is it BOLD?

Who doesn’t look around their house at the holiday’s and hear that little voice in their head saying that their house doesn’t “measure up” and needs some improvement? In their holiday ad, IKEA makes that voice a rapper. A pretty BOLD move, if you ask me. Who would think that you could combine IKEA and rap music? Then the ad shows how IKEA can help you overcome all of those fears by making your home “holiday ready” and using creativity (and IKEA products, of course), to create a home that is ready for the holidays and every day.


Stephanie’s Pick…

Xfinity – Look Who Came Home for the Holidays – Mini Film & Ad

Why is it BOLD?

Major nostalgia points for this throwback to Steven Spielberg’s E.T. Comcast owns the original movie and is putting the story line to good use to highlight the company’s products. E.T. visits his pal Elliott’s house, now a grown man with a family, and they show him how to use Comcast’s products to have fun and connect with each other. It was a major undertaking to create the mini sequel and even involved consultations from Spielberg throughout the process, as well as hiring child actor, Henry Thomas to reprise his role as Elliott in the original film. But the massive project paid off and is all things BOLD. It certainly makes me want to introduce the original and mini movie to my son so a future generation can be enthralled by the friendship of a sweet little alien. Special shout out to my typography nerd crush, Jessica Hische who was commissioned to create a poster to decorate the children’s room.


Patty’s Pick…

Apple’s Holiday Ad – The Surprise

Why is it BOLD?

Very simply, for all the feels. Technology is often criticized for its impact on children and families. This video shows how much it can be used by kids to bring families together – even with those we are missing the most during the holidays. It is poignant and well done so as not to feel like capitalizing on emotions. Executing this storytelling so well is BOLD to me.


Emil’s Pick…

Carhartt Labor Day Ad – Hey Rookie

Why is it BOLD?

For me, BOLD doesn’t always mean in-your-face or faux-snarky marketing strategies. A lot of the time just being clever is being bold because the message takes a lot of thought and doesn’t resolve to the usual landing place. Here, Carhartt is reminding everyone that we all started somewhere. We were all rookies once. It was clever and inclusive and something I, personally, hadn’t seen done before.