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BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 11

Let’s end this first quarter with a dash of BOLD, why don’t we? It’s time for an ODEA favorite. That’s right, BOLD marketing we admire! If this is your first time checking out our series – welcome! Below you’ll find each ODEAite sharing their favorite example of BOLD marketing for the quarter.

Now on to the BOLD!

JJ’s pick…
McDonald’s “Inner Child” Ad

Why is it BOLD?

We may be reaching the spring season, and for some, the snow has melted. But travel back to this past holiday season with me. Oh, and bring some tissues with you. McDonald’s released a commercial for the Christmas season last year called “Inner Child”. It’s about a pre-teen who has a hard time listening to his inner child during the holiday season. His mom wants to decorate the house and make some fun memories, and he does too, deep inside. But he has a hard time allowing himself to have fun and embrace his inner child. That all changes when his mom grabs some McDonald’s on their way home. The McDonald’s reminds him how much fun being a kid was and he begins to embrace his inner child. If you were allowed to eat McDonald’s as a kid, I guarantee you have memories of what parent or grandparent bought it for you, as well as the fun you used to have while eating it. As an adult, I can enjoy some McDonald’s and relive those favorite memories of taking my shoes off and playing in their playground area. I like how simple the concept of this ad is. A reminder of how BOLD and powerful nostalgia can be.

Ps. The McDonald’s ball pit definitely didn’t have any germs whatsoever.


Anna’s pick…
McDonald’s Packaging Refresh

Why is it BOLD?

We can’t get enough of McDonald’s this quarter! My pick for BOLD marketing is McDonald’s packaging refresh! At the end of last year, the fast-food giant announced new packaging and the colorful graphics are just now rolling out to drive-thru goers across the globe. From the yellow egg yolk on a Sausage McMuffin to the blue waves representing a Filet-O-Fish, this new minimalist approach is both aesthetically pleasing and helps during the universal “Did they remember my fries?!” peek in the bag as you pull away from the window. We all know McDonald’s by their classic Golden Arches, and this BOLD, creative take on their typical packaging is definitely making me crave fries and a chocolate milkshake! (That is if the ice cream machine isn’t broken…)


Megan’s pick…
Google Photos’ “Look at Your Photographs” Ad

Why is it BOLD?

I hate to be cliché and pick an ad from Google, but they knocked it out of the park with this one! Over the years Nickelback’s song “Photograph” has become notorious. If you’re a fan, you love it. And if you’re not a fan, you’re making memes about it! So not only did Nickelback embrace the (sometimes) bad reputation of their hit song for this ad, but Google found the perfect way to blend it with their product and catch the eye of their target audience. As a viewer, the song and callback to the memorable original music video pulls you in instantly, and then you can’t help but continue watching as you hear and see how the lyrics have been changed to fit with the Google Photos app. This ad is BOLD because in the end, Google is getting exactly what they want – more than 60 seconds of your attention to see exactly how their photo app works!


Patty’s pick…
Lordstown Motors Tech Page

Why is it BOLD?

I admit to being a sucker for movement on a website, not just for the coolness factor but because we know how much effort it takes to look effortless. Lordstown Motors’ website, especially their Tech page, uses animation and movement in all the right ways. It helps simply illustrate complex subjects but does not get in the way of the content. Being simple while being BOLD is the hardest part of what we do and Lordstown does it well.


Sue’s pick…
Frida Mom’s “Stream of Lactation” Ad

Why is it BOLD?

Who doesn’t love a new baby commercial? The mom gazes lovingly into her newborn’s eyes and everything is sunshine and roses. Realistic? Maybe sometimes. But all moms will tell you that being a mom is one of the toughest jobs there is. Frida Mom was BOLD enough to create a commercial that shows what it really is like to be a new mom. The ad aired during the Golden Globes and has gained a lot of attention. Kudos to them for showing new moms that they aren’t alone in their struggles to breastfeed or care for a little one.


Andrea’s pick…
Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ Campaign

Why is it BOLD?

I’m throwing it back a few years to Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. A forensic artist sketches a series of women as they describe themselves and then he sketches the same women as described by people they just met. Some of the differences were quite astounding and unexpected. When looking at themselves through other’s eyes the women were able to see how overly critical they are of their appearance. Dove’s campaigns continue to BOLDLY break down the traditional standards of beauty and redefine beauty to be whatever you see in the mirror.


Chelsi’s pick…
Reddit’s 5 second Super Bowl ad

Why is it BOLD?

“If you’re reading this, it means our bet paid off.” Even if you watched the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, there’s a really good chance you missed Reddit’s five-second ad. But what many thought was a broadcasting error turned into one of the most talked-about ads of the four-hour-long event. The ad was a text-filled screen that explained how Reddit had used their entire marketing budget on 5 seconds of airtime. Seriously risky, right? They think so too. But they were inspired by the “underdogs.” The “underdogs” they give a nod to are a group of Redditors who disrupted Wall Street by inflating the share price of GameStop stock. The Redditors rocked the financial world to its core, causing hedge funds to lose billions and pushing some traders to cash out. This ad is BOLD in every way to me. No music, no flashy graphics, no famous celebrities to catch your attention. Just text on the screen for five seconds. Their bet definitely paid off. Kudos, Reddit!


Grace’s pick…
Nespresso’s “What Coffee is Meant to Be” Ad

Why is it BOLD?

What I like about this ad is the way the color and bold design work together to convey meaning but also create a positive association for the consumer. As someone who may or may not have taken an espresso machine on vacation, I find this ad creative and casual, while also displaying a feature of the product, that it can travel. Plus, you have to really like a product to bring it on vacation and I think Nespresso conveyed that in a BOLD way.