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We Were on A Break!

I know. We should have told you. You may not have even noticed. But we took a break during the second half of 2022 – from social, from blogging, from everything involved with our own marketing.

Why? I can blame it on “busy”. I can say we concentrated on clients’ projects instead of our own. I can justify it as “research” on what happens when you stop marketing. And all that is true. But equally true is that we were short-staffed, still working out the kinks in our “new normal”, and more often than we liked, we were feeling drained, mentally and creatively. So, we took a break.

We’re happy to share that the break did much of what we hoped. We ODEA-ites are jumping into 2023 with a shared dedication to being healthier – both physically and mentally – which flows into more energy for “all the things”. We are resetting our goals and habits, including focusing on ODEA again. And we are excited to feed our brains as we explore new opportunities, like the re-launch of BOLDbiz, considering NFTs, and uncovering new opportunities linked to our own content generation.

All of that to say, you’ll be hearing from us more again in 2023! Who knows, maybe we’ll even chime in on the age-old question – were Ross and Rachel really on a break?