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Oops, We Did It Again: BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 13

There are so many milestones over the years that we look back on and smile about. One that immediately comes to mind is the time ODEA’s podcast, Brain Lava, received an explicit rating all because Prez Patty let a curse word (or two) fly. We were so proud in that moment. (*Wipes away single teardrop.) You see, BOLD is what we’re all about. No matter if we’re writing a blog or social post, recording a podcast, creating an ad, or developing an entire brand, BOLD is always a part of our formula. And that sometimes leads to these memorable moments that bring us so much joy.

Last year we published BOLD Marketing We Admire Part 12, a series we started a few years ago where each ODEA-ite highlights their favorite BOLD marketing found in the wild. It’s something we enjoy, and we think our readers do as well. But this last quarter, our BOLD marketing blog brought us something that warmed our hearts and made all our mamas proud. We got our first love letter. <3

(*Names and email have been redacted to protect the innocent)

Just to clarify, our secret admirer is a little confused. Sadly, we didn’t create the incredibly BOLD Garden of Life ad, we only spotlighted it in our quarterly blog. But if our BOLD pick blog inspired this reaction, then we think this love note is worthy of hanging on the fridge.

So, let’s keep the good times rolling! We’re sharing more BOLD picks this quarter that has inspired us. And we hope they inspire you as well.

Andrea’s pick…

Domino’s Pizza Supports Local

Why it’s BOLD

For this installment of BOLD marketing we love, I salute Domino’s Pizza. The pizza giant boldly drove business to other eateries by giving random customers gift cards to local mom-and-pop restaurants, many of whom are struggling due to COVID. In a show of support for the restaurant industry, Domino’s urges customers to skip the apps and use the gift cards to order directly from local restaurants to avoid high fees charged by third-party delivery services (to both customers and restaurants). Well done Domino’s!


JJ’s pick…

Chipotle Boorito Maze on Roblox

Why it’s BOLD

Chipotle did a marketing campaign that you probably haven’t ever seen – they created a world in Roblox! If you have a young child, more than likely you’ve heard of Roblox. For the non-gamers of the world, Roblox is a video game where anyone can go in and create their own world, mini games, experiences, and interact with others. At any given moment – millions of people are in the Roblox world.

So, last October, Chipotle created its own Roblox world complete with its very own corn maze – aka the “Boorito Maze” and replicated a Chipotle store. If you entered the Chipotle world, you could talk to the cashier and get an offer for a free burrito. We’ve all seen ads or social posts offering a free item if you go and see them in-store. But we’ve never seen one in a video game! This is just the beginning of new BOLD directions marketing can go in a digital world and even as we dive even deeper into the Metaverse.


Sue’s pick…

THE STEPDAD – Disney Christmas Ad 2021

Why it’s BOLD

Leave it to Disney to pull at our heartstrings at Christmas time. Their Christmas ad shows a stepdad moving in with his new family. The stepdad, Mike, knows that he needs to wait patiently for the two young children to include him in the family traditions. He stands back but still lets the children know he is there. Then when the family makes a gingerbread house together that gets destroyed, he steps up and makes a new and even better one.

This ad is BOLD because it shows a great stepdad in a multi-racial family, which is important in our society today. Disney is also supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation with the commercial. Beware before hitting the play button! This commercial needs to come with a “Grab a tissue before watching” warning.


Chelsi’s pick…

Lume Deodorant – The Better, Different, Everywhere Deodorant Ad

Why it’s BOLD

Whoever oversees ads at Lume deserves an Emmy because they are brilliantly BOLD. It’s rare to find ads that are educational but also remind you of a hilarious SNL skit that you could watch a hundred times. But that’s exactly what Lume does – they take topics like body odor and talk about them in a way we can all relate to. Mixing science and humor? Count me in. It’s tough to keep consumers interested in what you’re saying for more than a minute or so. But Lume has nailed it. And bonus? They’re destroying the stigmas surrounding feminine hygiene. BOLD.


Patty’s pick…

Travelers “Legacy”

Why it’s BOLD

Because we work with so many family businesses thanks to our role as a Strategic Partner with Entrepreneur and Family Business Council at DePaul, this spot from Travelers is my pick. While transitioning a business from one generation to the next is never this easy, the impact of small businesses in our community is definitely BOLD. Kudos to Travelers for recognizing family businesses – and kudos for the passing of McCafferty & Son to a hard-working daughter!