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Get to Know Emily Wade

We have big, BOLD news – our team has grown! That’s right, we’ve added another brilliant mind to the ODEA team and we’re so excited for you to get to know her. And depending on how long you’ve been part of the ODEA family, you might just recognize her.

Without further ado, meet Emily Wade!

You look familiar. Have we seen you around here before?

You may have seen me if your team worked with ODEA a little over 5 years ago! I am so happy to be working with Patty and the ODEA-ites again! I started out at ODEA (formerly Prism-Insights) in 2012.  Since it was my first real marketing job, I decided to continue my career development and rack up some experience in the digital marketing world before eventually returning to ODEA.

I have grown so much as a project manager, marketer, and all-around digital guru, I am excited to share that growth with my teammates at ODEA and the clients we help every day.

That’s right! We are so glad to have you back on Team ODEA. So, what does your role at ODEA include?

My title is marketing manager, and I help with all aspects of digital marketing, which includes project management, website development (wireframing, design, development, etc.), website content loading, SEO, marketing automation and social campaigns to promote our clients’ website initiatives.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I’m a people person at my core, and my favorite aspect of the job is helping our clients realize their full potential in the online space. I want to make digital marketing accessible for every client we work with, and I love teaching them about new tools and dev products that help them achieve their marketing goals.

I also love learning from Patty every day – she is whip-smart, as you all know, and having the opportunity to listen to her thought process makes me a better marketer and strategist.

What’s something you’re currently excited about or inspired by in marketing/technology?

We’ve been playing around with Miro, an online whiteboarding tool.  It’s really amazing the technology out there that is available to people who are working from home. Post-covid, we’re now entering an even more remote-working world and it’s tools like Miro that help our team collaborate and connect even though we’re miles apart.

When you’re not working, where can we find you/what are you doing?

I have a 15-month-old son who keeps me very busy! I love watching him learn new things and explore the world. When he’s sleeping (the only break we get) my husband and I love to watch sci-fi thrillers like Moon Knight and Stranger Things with a big glass of red wine.

Any hidden talents or hobbies we should know about?

I love cooking and decorating my house, and one day I want to learn how to garden and keep our lawn looking semi-decent. If you have any tips send them my way!

We know, we know… she sounds awesome! If you want to get to know even more about Emily, check out her full bio HERE. And keep your eyes peeled because we have more BOLD news coming soon!