Big River Steel

Big River Steel

A technology company disguised as a steel mill.

We don’t just think steel is cool – we think it’s fascinating. Nothing compares to standing in a steel mill on 1,300 acres of land in Osceola, Arkansas. Hot? Yes. Boring? No. That’s why we eagerly worked with Big River Steel to create their brand when they launched the mill two years ago. We believe that what some people see as a lackluster industrial plant is actually a tech company with a badass edge.

Explore our recent work with Big River Steel below.

Re-defining customer experience in the steel industry.

Don’t think our innovation is going to be limited to the technology and equipment in our mill. From product development to information systems to customer solutions, part of inventing a Flex Mill™ is also creating the company to support it. How? By recruiting and empowering the next generation of steel technicians to spark our culture of innovation.

This isn't a Steel Mill. It's a Game Changer. | Big River Steel | web development by TEAM ODEA of Chicago

Time to flex that U.S. manufacturing muscle once again.

Located on 1,300 acres in Mississippi County, Arkansas, Big River Steel’s $1.3 billion dollar Flex Mill™ will produce 1.6 million tons of niche and specialty steels when fully operational.

We are proud to have partnered with Big River on their branding and positioning as they launched the company. But as so often is the case in industrial marketing, the less glamorous pieces in the mix equally drive ROI — from capabilities sheets to spec documents to an online customer portal.