Big River Steel

How does steel impact YOUR everyday life?

At ODEA, we are total steel geeks. After decades of marketing some of the biggest names in the industry, we can rattle off any number of ways steel makes an impact on our everyday lives. But not everyone is aware of how much we interact with steel daily. When BRS looked to ODEA to execute on a multi-year sponsorship program with the Memphis Grizzlies at the FedEx Forum, we took the opportunity to show BRS’ support for the greater Memphis community, highlight how steel is all around us and showcase employment opportunities at BRS.


Connecting the Dots

BRS continues to command attention as you make your way through FedEx Forum’s Terrace level. Custom “wallpaper” continues the STEEL IS EVERYWHERE story, making the connection to BRS and the employees and potential employees who walk down the Terrace level hallways.

With a second mill opening in 2025, adding to their team of awesome employees is top of mind for BRS. So, when you visit the EDGE – a BRS sponsored seating and lounge area within the FedEx Forum – the message is all about recruitment. BRS team members are featured throughout the space reinforcing important employee attributes like determination, passion, and intensity! Fans can use the QR code to check out job openings during a break in the action.