A Cinderella Story

CopperCraft was the forgotten stepsister of a brand suffering from under-investment until one of our clients became its Prince Charming via acquisition. And just like Cinderella, her gorgeous copper accents and dedicated artisans are now the belle of the ball. Taking on the role of Fairy Godmother, ODEA handcrafted a brand that showcases CopperCraft’s beauty while supporting sales well after the clock strikes midnight.

A Dramatic Entrance

The brand’s launch came via a 30-second video featuring artisans in CopperCraft’s Texas facility handcrafting dormers, spires and louvers. We collaborated with a mix-master to create a custom music score that infuses rock and roll beats with classical swells, again merging old with new.

The first thing you should know about us –
We will always be True.

We will always be true to our craft as metal artisans, handcrafting architectural accents including dormers, spires, finials and more using skills passed down through generations.

We will always be true to your vision, creating bespoke hand-crafted architectural pieces based on your desire to deliver distinction and beauty for the building or home in your care.

We will always be true to our commitment of delivering uncommon customer experience, connecting with you one-to-one throughout the entire design, production and delivery process.

At CopperCraft, we will always be True.

The new is now a lead gen magnet, making it easy for visitors to be inspired and then, most importantly, get in touch to start the ordering process.