Chicago Glue and Machine

Goodbye beige!

Let’s face it. B2B marketing can be, well, boring. But that’s not how we roll at ODEA. We embraced our mantra of “BOLD is Unexpected” in the brand we created with Chicago Glue & Machine, a distributor of adhesive products and equipment. The stars of CGM’s brand are characters affectionately called glue dudes and glue dudettes that humorously highlight the horrors of glue and adhesive equipment failures while still conveying the important role adhesives play in keeping manufacturing lines running.

The catch phrase that caught on.

How do you know when marketing messages have stuck? (See what we did there 😉?) When customers repeat them back to you. CGM gets calls and emails from customers saying, “Help! We’ve got a glue-mergency.”

Friendly bottles and boxes and equipment with personalities are the perfect brand for social media. The social posts we create for CGM lean into current viral trends, pop culture references and billboard hits to reinforce that CGM is available 24/7/365 for glue-mergencies. We even created a spotify play list of some of our favorite CGM inspired tunes. Have a listen (ear worm warning)!