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No fear. No drama.

We didn’t set out to be lice experts, but we now know more about lice than we ever imagined.

Have you ever needed to visit the lice removal section at the drugstore? We hope not. But if you have, you might have noticed that all the packages are very similar, and not in a good way. It feels like you’re buying a heavy-duty chemical to put on your child’s head. While you’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of lice, WelComb knew that there was a better, safer way. And they wanted to share that with the world.

Our branding engagement with WelComb aimed to bring some humor (and fun!) to a very dramatic, intimidating and not-so-pleasant product line. What could we do to make parents feel less stressed about lice? How could we remove the drama and fear from lice removal? How could we empower parents to feel less “I can’t do this” and more “I’ve got this”?

The approachable nature of the WelComb brand needed to be front and center on the store shelves. The package that we designed for the WelComb kit highlighted the importance of using the right comb to remove lice, while encouraging parents to not succumb to the fear and drama that lice attracts.




photo of WelComb website | ODEA Portfolio

OMG! We have lice!

The first thing a parent does when their child comes home with the lice letter is panic. Then they Google it. Our mission with WelComb was to provide an effective solution to lice and nit removal while also helping ease their worries. That’s why the homepage of the WelComb website meets the parents right where they’re at – “OMG! We have lice!”.

It’s all about the comb.

Once parents’ nerves are calm, it’s WelComb’s mission to educate them. What are lice? How did my kid get them? Most importantly, how do I get them outta there? We made sure that the brand language across the site was relatable and bringing some humor to an otherwise unpleasant and stressful topic. And we didn’t miss any opportunity for a good pun – as demonstrated on the ‘Debugging the Myths’ page!