Nuance Solutions

photo of Nuance Solutions logo | ODEA Portfolio

We've got chemistry.

When we met the Nuance Solutions team, we knew there was more to them than a chemical company. As we began our branding and messaging engagement, we witnessed a mix of deep relationships and an unparalleled expertise of chemistry.

The science of chemicals. The art of people. That’s Nuance.

Our first execution of Nuance’s brand was revised logos for each division of the company. With two product offerings and research and development services, Nuance was looking for a way to clearly communicate all that they provide. Using icons in each logo helps differentiate them from one another, while also signifying their connection to Nuance with a shared color palette and style.

Creating a user-friendly website for Nuance posed an interesting challenge: how to unify the divisions of their company while also giving them their own identity? The solution (no pun intended) was implementing a tiered menu structure that allows users to access a main navigation for the four divisions, with a sub-navigation for each. Each division’s landing page looks and acts like its own homepage.

Big, bold images from Nuance’s lab, plant and office fill the website to communicate their expertise in the lab and their connections with people.


photo of Nuance Solutions Website | ODEA Portfolio



“Are you a recovering soil spreader?”

This question may catch your attention. One of NuFiber’s main avenues for education and sales support are their “Recovering Soil Spreader” presentations. NuFiber’s goal with these presentations is to educate end-users on soil spreading (i.e., using cotton mops). Their line of microfiber mops and cloths help users truly clean. This brochure and the three banner stands were used as support material at tradeshows and presentations to tease the soil spreading steps to recovery and entice potential customers to attend a seminar. With their new branding at a recent tradeshow, they doubled their number of leads from the previous year!