MacGill First Aid Kit

Who needs peace and quiet? You’ve got peace of mind.

Launching the best first aid kit on the market is no small feat. MacGill First Aid Kit knew that they had the perfect mix of high quality supplies that could be used by moms and nurses alike. We helped them make it happen by developing the branding and packaging that solidified the kit as the only one your family would ever need. We can back it up. Come visit our office and you’ll find a kit in the conference room! You can never be too prepared.

Explore our recent work with MacGill below.

Consider us your medicine cabinet cure-ators.

It all started with a moment of concern.

While planning for an upcoming vacation, Jay has trouble finding a first aid kit that contains all of the
essential emergency supplies. Enter the MacGill First Aid Kit – its origins go back 111 years.
Its contents remain the highest quality and trusted products available today.

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