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Not just numbers people. People people.

Numbers for marketers are like vegetables for children at the dinner table. We avoid it at all costs. Thankfully, we found a team of accountants that make us feel a little more at ease when working on taxes and monthly financials. While Cray Kaiser helps us understand the world of accounting, we help them navigate the world of content marketing. Crafting the newest complex tax update into a blog that is easily digestible to us non-number magicians allows Cray Kaiser to be thought leaders in the community.

Our success is your success.

Bringing Cray Kaiser’s brand to life in their collateral was vital. As accountants, there are many communications – both digital and in print – that their clients receive. Each letter, newsletter and PDF clearly signaled “Cray Kaiser” in the mind of the client thanks to the consistent use of dark blue logo pattern that became a staple in their marketing and communication pieces.

We embrace your challenges as our own.

The thread woven through the entirety of Cray Kaiser’s website is educational content. Their focus is giving their clients the tools they need to make smart business decisions. On nearly every page, relevant blog content is linked in the right sidebar to continually offer support as visitors browse. Additionally, their areas of expertise are clearly categorized to give potential clients an idea of what services they offer. Photography of the CK team and their office fills the website pages to give clients a familiar face that they know and trust. It all comes back to the “people people” part of their brand statement.

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