Big River Steel

photo of Big River Steel logo | ODEA Portfolio

A technology company disguised as a steel mill.

We don’t just think steel is cool – we think it’s fascinating. Nothing compares to standing in a steel mill on 1,300 acres of land in Osceola, Arkansas. Hot? Yes. Boring? No. That’s why we eagerly worked with Big River Steel to create their brand when they built the mill in 2014. We believe that what some people see as a lackluster industrial plant is actually a tech company with a rebellious edge. Now over a year into production, we’ve shown the world just how badass Big River Steel is.

Daring to re-imagine what it means to be a steel company.

Big River is unlike any other steel company in the world. It became our mission to help them prove that to their peers and customers. For their brand, we highlighted what they were known for in the industry: their rebellious, innovative and boundary breaking approach to steel.

Daring to make new rules.

When executing Big River’s rebrand, we wanted to highlight their innovations with technology and steel as well as the people who comprise the company. Video was our main avenue of choice on the homepage – placing the web visitors right inside the mill alongside the employees. Bold photos of each part of the steelmaking process fill the website to showcase their products, equipment and talented technicians.

We are proud to have partnered with Big River on their branding and positioning as they launched the company. But as so often is the case in industrial marketing, the less glamorous pieces in the mix equally drive ROI — from capabilities sheets to spec documents and more. Here’s how we crafted their bold brand into their collateral materials.