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Join Our Team: Seeking Marketing Strategist/Writer



A small-but-mighty marketing firm based in The Loop who executes full marketing strategies and niche projects for B2B clients clustered in areas like manufacturing, professional services, family businesses, etc. Our focus is on storytelling via digital and the free/earned media side of the biz; web, content marketing, media relations, event marketing, nurture, social, marketing automation, etc. We serve as the outsourced marketing department for many of our clients – developing strategies and plans then sticking around to handle all aspects of execution.

Our brand promise is to “Be curious. Be inspired. Be BOLD.” We are inquisitive types who get to know all aspects of our clients’ business, not just their marketing, and then find the smartest solutions to complex marketing opportunities. Our job descriptions don’t fit into traditional agency boxes so neither should our team members. We require (or should we say allow) our people to be “slashes” — an account person “slash” designer, a project manager “slash” marketing technologist, etc. We encourage and support professional meddling because great ideas can come from anyone, regardless of role, responsibilities or experience level. We know it takes a village to create really good work.



Marketing Strategist/

You are a believer in branding and planning, and it breaks your marketing heart when they are put in a binder and sit on a shelf. Your passion is in leading a client through a brand and/or planning process and then breathing life into those words and concepts by working with the team throughout execution. You are a strategist who still loves to roll up your sleeves and tell the world the stories of our clients, with a focus on delivering ROI. You enjoy working with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially-minded clients to craft the strategy around the messaging and marketing for new launches and re-launches of existing B2B businesses.


You are a chameleon that can be the voice of a steel company one day and an accounting firm the next. You can boil it down to a 250 word blog post or go deep into the nitty-gritty of a long-format piece. You still believe content is king, and aren’t intimidated to tackle any or all of the following; web content, e-communications, media relations, nurture campaigns, social streams, video scripts and so much more. You collaborate with graphic designers, web developers, video crews, etc. to tell stories visually as well as verbally. This part of your brilliance involves researching, concepting as part of a creative team, writing, presenting, re-writing, editing, publishing, etc.



  • Been doing this long enough to have enough experiences to synthesize as a strategist but still need to feel the rush of actually “doing” too.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills – written, verbal, charades, smoke signals
  • Exceptional writer across variety of clients and channels
  • Able to function well in a fast-paced, deadline-rich environment under tight timetables and still make us laugh
  • Most of all – Curious about the businesses that our clients entrust with us to help them build. Inspired by that trust to do amazing work that leaves behind the “beige’ marketing too common in B2B and pushes us to Be Bold.
  • Experience – Whatever path you have taken that you believe instilled in you the skills we need. You might be a jack-of-all-trades internal marketing manager at a small company who is used to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Or a frustrated account person with great writing skills at a big agency who is tired of being boxed into just one role. Or a freelancer looking to join a team of people just as dedicated as you. How you got here isn’t as important to us as how you intend to help us get where we’re going. (Which, by the way, is gonna be pretty amazing.)

Intrigued? Introduce yourself by sending writing samples, a resume and anything else that will dazzle us to [email protected]