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Join Our Team: Seeking Admin / Marketing Coordinator



A small-but-mighty marketing firm based in The Loop who executes full strategies and niche projects for B2B clients clustered in areas like industrial, manufacturing, small biz, tech, etc. Our focus is on the digital and the free/earned media side of the biz: digital, web, content marketing, media relations, event marketing, nurture, social, marketing automation, etc. We serve as the outsourced marketing department for many of our clients – developing strategies and plans then sticking around to handle all aspects of execution.

Our team is made up of talented, hard-working, inquisitive types who are motivated to find the smartest and boldest solutions to complex marketing opportunities. We encourage and support professional meddling because great ideas can come from anyone, regardless of role, responsibilities or experience level. We know it takes a village to create really good work.

Our motto: Be Curious. Be Brilliant. Be Bold.



You are the glue that helps keep projects – and people – humming along without missing a beat. You are responsible for supporting all we do so we do it even better – scheduling, planning, organizing, and keeping us sane! That alone is a tall order. But if you’re willing to tackle these tasks as well as learn, this is a great way to get into the biz as a marketing coordinator.



  1. Works alongside President and other senior team with admin activities including travel reservations, time tracking, email support, scheduling meetings and calls, handling receipts and expenses, etc.
  2. Handles office admin duties as needed including ordering supplies, preparing mail, running errands, etc. Assists with preparing invoices and managing client reimbursable expenses.
  3. Works alongside President and other senior team with project management activities including meeting notes, follow-up, scheduling meetings, research, etc.
  4. Works alongside President and other senior team for ongoing month-over-month tracking and technology activities for clients including creating dashboards, contact management in CRM technologies, Google Analytics, and gathering relevant statistics.
  5. Opportunity to support marketing projects with responsibilities in areas such as content marketing, digital marketing, web and app development, and emerging technologies including VR. Responsible for developing and maintaining a skill in an area of marketing execution such as writing, design, coding, technology or other skill.



  • Expert organizational skills including a strong ability to multi-task – and be pleasant yet sassy when priorities start to stack up.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills – written, verbal, charades, smoke signals.
  • Able to function well in a fast-paced, deadline-rich environment under tight timetables and still make us laugh.
  • Self-starter. If you have psychic abilities to know what we need before we need it and tackle it without being told to, you just might be our ideal team mate.
  • Brilliant. Bold. And hard-working. Looking to make an impact and be part of a team of entrepreneurs who are still figuring out many of our internal processes – while producing really good work along the way.
  • Experience – Whatever path you have taken that you believe instilled in you the skills we need. How you got here isn’t as important to us as how you intend to help us get where we’re going. (Which, by the way, is gonna be pretty amazing.)


Intrigued? Talk to us at [email protected].